Every time I sign on, another board has evaporated, EXCEPT

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Every time I sign on, another board has evaporated, EXCEPT
Mon, 02-24-2014 - 9:25pm

for the sex boards.  Why is that, do you think?  Other than the fact that those boards still have posters,  even if many of them seem a bubble off center.  Oh, and the "Asian Egg Donors" made the "Hot Topic" as did the one-line posts featuring links to sales websites.  But use another word for "kitty", and they pull the post.  Thanks for monitoring the boards so carefully, IV.

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Yes, several boards or folders within boards have been eliminated recently. I think you are right that the Love and Sex channel boards are still there because they get more activity. I guess that CafeMom filled the void for the "mommy boards" but maybe there are no other love and relationship forums that aren't full of perverts? Hopefully all of the deleted boards mean less data for the server to handle, and some of the problems will start getting resolved. 

As for being a Hot Topic, that is just the most recent post in each channel. It has nothing to do with popularity of the thread....sometimes the "hot topic" doesn't get any replies but stays on the main page until somebody posts something else somewhere in that channel. I usually don't bother reading the stuff that sounds like spam from the title or the "member" that posted it, I'm not surprised that "asian egg donors" was spam. Weekends are the worst. Recently there was somebody who posted approx. 150 times in about 8 hours, the same crazy post all over the place (somebody had way too much time on their hands). The spam just sits there until Monday morning when a mod comes in and deletes it. 

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Pam had suggested we might find alternative ways to gather online since it looks like all the boards will eventually disappear.  I think it's a good idea. . . we may all sign in tomorrow and find our community is kaput.