Finally I can log in (hooray!) Happy Mom with good news!

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Finally I can log in (hooray!) Happy Mom with good news!
Mon, 06-03-2013 - 2:05pm

As for logging in, I guess ivillage finally caught up with me.  I was able to log in all the time with no issues while I was reading on the board how everyone else was having problems.  I didn't want to say anything because I can understand the frustration.  So I'm posting 1st then I will read everyone else's posts.

Our son, James, managed to get a job with a major multimedia company & will be leaving Boston & moving to Conn.  He's going for training 1st.  So with the move, he will live about 30 min. from me (depending on traffic).  Although he doesn't talk to me much, I did hear from family that he wasn't that happy where he had been working the last 3 years.  So now he can root for his beloved New York Yankees & NY Giants without getting pounced on by his co-workers rooting for Boston teams.  Wondering if he saved his NY Yankees bumper sticker.  That had to come off when he registered his car in Mass.  Roughly speaking, Conn. is split in 1/2.  If you live west of the New Haven/Hartford line, residents root for NY teams.  If you live east of that line, you root for Boston teams.  Our son will be living west of that line.  At least he'll be near the commuter train station to attend home games on the weekends.  As for me, I'm a block away from the same commuter rail line that he will live.  Considering the stop and slow going bottleneck of I-95 traffic, sitting on a commuter train that can guarantee me a 30 min. ride is a no-brainer.

So I'm hoping he finds a place to live that's safe, affordable & meets his needs.  As for our daughter & her boyfriend, they are leaving Australia tomorrow & flying back to NY.  They've been there a month.  Now our daughter will have to find a job since she resigned from her last one.

As for me, I'm studying for my real estate license.  My class exam is June 10th & the New York State exam is June 17.  Wish me luck on both.  I have to pass both before I can get a license.  If I fail either one, I can retake the exam but not looking forward to it.  So it's I better pass the 1st time out.  I sort of feel like the 16 or 17 yr. old teenager taking their 1st road test & wanting to pass so they can brag to their friends with a license in hand.  If they don't pass, it's pretty embarrassing for them. 

P.S.  I know my birthday is June 8, but this year I am spending the day taking practice exams because my 1st test is 2 days later.

Hoping everyone is doing well.  Now let me hit the books.


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Good news that your ds will be moving so much closer to you, hopefully you will get to see him more often. And hopefully he will be happier in the new job.

Aren't your dd and her bf moving somewhere (Florida?) in a few months for bf's grad school? Will she look for any kind of job since its so short term, or just in her field? Any news yet on your dh's job, will they let him stay another year until he's ready to retire? I saw in the NYTimes that NYC is starting to evaluate all teachers, will that affect him in any way?

Good luck on your exams! And if we don't see you here on your birthday, happy birthday too!!

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Hooray!! I can log in too!!

Good for you, Kathy! I certainly admire your energy & pure spunk for taking on a new career at this point in your life. It makes me feel old & worn-out (which is about how I feel anyway)for being content to stay at home. Count me as one who is wishing you GOOD LUCK on your exams!

And it is good news that your son is moving closer to you-perhaps, slowly, the fences can be taken down & the relationship can be repaired.


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Kathy, hope your exams went well & you had a great birthday! Dee