Finally-I'm Back

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Finally-I'm Back
Sat, 12-28-2013 - 10:15am

First...I do hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday-Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Happy Solstice-whatever they celebrate. Congratulations Kathy on your first sale-hopefully your cold is on the wane by now.

Our Christmas was as expected-a day to endure. We have one another, which is good. But both Mike & I felt there was someone missing, someone who was important who loved the day, the holiday who was not here with us, & 'in spirit' was not the same. But we did get through it. We had been invited to join our dear neighbours for Christmas Brunch, so that was nice & certainly enjoyable.

The ice storm was not as bad for us as for others. We do have the generator for missing power-but nothing could remove the ice from our internet antenna & when that finally melted, there was still the ice on the trees between us & the tower-that finally melted by this morning. And the weather forecast for the next few days? rain with a sudden drop in temperatures overnight! So if I am silent once again, just think "here she goes again! Silenced by the weather in the boonies!"

The weekend before Christmas I actually spent in the "ICUStep-down-Unit"because my mother had been admitted with ?pneumonia?influenza. She is nearly 86yrs old-& while vital & energetic in her own environment, was confused & upset somewhere she doesn't know. Both nights I was there, she woke up confused-once to tell me to wake up quickly, there was a man with a mustache in my bed (it was me-with a mask on); the 2nd night I woke up to see my mother trying to escape-she was tired of being 'tied down'. What was tying her down was an IV, a heart monitor & a catheter-I got her calmed down & back to sleep just because she recognized my voice (I was still wearing a mask, gown & gloves). But at home, Mike was upset & missing Adam-so I'd called my brother & sister & telling them that someone else had to spend time with her. So my brother did-5 hours, & he went home. The nurses called me that night to say I had to go in-at 3am, Mom was confused again. I couldn't-I hadn't had enough sleep to safely drive on icy roads-they called about 4 more times-finally I called my sister to go get her at 7am.

My (birth)family is the very epitome of dysfunctional-one very strong reason to move away & let others take care of Mom. My brother won't talk to me-my sister talks to him & barely relays messages to me. My sister-in-law pulls out her "nurseness" when appropriate-but won't visit Mom or help, though she will tell my kids on the internet what I've done wrong for Mom. My brother will remind one & all that he has power of attorney-but then withdraw. My sister & I have power of care-but she works full-time & can't possibly be expected to help Mom much.

On happier topics-two of our kids got home yesterday, brought Mom & we had a good visit. Karen will be home next weekend. Yesterday we had 10 people & 4 dogs, next weekend it will be 8 people & 3 dogs. (Mom will join us again). As always-the 3 cats are home but hiding when anyone else comes here. The planned visit before Christmas was delayed because the ice storm was affecting road travel. And of course, then we found out I was needed at the hospital, just getting there was an "adventure"-so I can't imagine them trying to drive the distance to get here!


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Sat, 12-28-2013 - 12:32pm

Glad you are safe and sound. I hope your mom gets better soon.

Here, we got snow, lots of it. but the roads were OK. My nephew in TO, as of Christmas Day, did not have power. He is hoping that, when he gets back tomorrow from his parents,,power would have been restored.

It is balmy here (2C) and it will only going down to -11C next week.

So, don't worry. Where you are, you are usually a tad warmer than us. It will not be very cold next week. There is also just flurries expected..

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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 6:31pm

Glad you are back, Nora.  I, for one, missed your presence on the board.  Let us  hope that winter will not send more of that nasty sort of freezing rain weather your way.  I think it may be a bit much to hope that no snow falls during the rest of the winter, but snow is somewhat better to deal with than freezing rain, wouldn't you agree? 

I know this holiday period is difficult for you and Mike and something as you say that you must both endure and get through.  The new year will bring much activity as you prepare to sell the house and all that!  I hope that goes well and you find the home you are looking forward to having in your new environs, wherever that turns out to be.  I think it will be quite the year!