FINALLY, some warmer weather!

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FINALLY, some warmer weather!
Sat, 03-08-2014 - 2:18pm

After what seems like weeks of nasty brutish freezing cold temperatures here in Calgary, we are finally feeling some warmer temps this weekend.  Today the high will be 8 C. (46 F.) and tomorrow possibly it will be 13 C. (55 F.) which will feel absolutely balmy!  I must confess I havent' stuck my nose outside yet but I'm sure it's quite pleasant.  We have more cloud today (a Chinook cloud) but tomorrow we'll get sunshine.  Actually I see some evidence of some weak sunshine now, so maybe the cloud will move off this afternoon. 

In preparation for our trip south to Yuma and San Diego next week, I have taken out my summer clothing and am trying on my capri shorts to see they still fit...and well, most of them do!  (Unfortunately not all..sigh).  But enough of them do fit for the trip.  I am getting quite eager now for the trip!

What is everyone doing this weekend? 


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Sat, 03-08-2014 - 2:36pm

Weather is pretty crapppy here today, in the 50s and raining.

Laer toda y we are heading to DD2 birthday celebraton. She had one last weelend that her boyfriend hosted but this is a family one.  I suggested to her that since it is her birthday instead of having to drive up here to plan something down there. Since her boyfriend has his kids this weekend she has planned something kids friendly.  We are meeting at a hambuger joint that we first ate at the day we moved her in and DH fell in love with, his new favorite place for burgers.  Then we are going to Cabela's, where they have fun things for the kids and a car show. Then back to her place for ice cream and cake.  Boyfriend and his boys are going to set up a  tent and camp out in her living room. 

Nothing planned for tomorrow.  I think it will be another day of rain, 

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Sat, 03-08-2014 - 5:35pm

Shirley, the "unfortunatly, not all" statement is true here, as well.  Such is the fallout of a VERY cold winter, spent mostly indoors, where cabin fever was often fought off with an oven and butter, sugar and chocolate.

It's warming here, too. Finally.  I was even able to have the door to the deck open with the screen for a short while.  Should be mid-50's(F) on Monday, but then back to snow or freezing rain for a couple days.  My comforter has a new applique pattern of black and red paw prints.  The red are the result of Marco insanely trying to climb up the trees after the HORDE of squirrels that recently appeared. The birds are coming back, too, and every time I open the door, I hope to hear the lilt of a redwing.  They come back to the midwest even before the robins, so they always signal the start of spring, for me.

Nester, is the burger joint a one-off, or is it a chain?  We've seen an explosion of "5 Guys" around here, and I really like them.  However the few Fatburgers we had all died swift deaths.  Sit down favorites are Red Robin, and Culvers.  We've been to Cabela's too, but I think dh likes Bass ProShops just a little better.  The Fudge shop, and Islamorada Restaurant may have something to do with that.  Cabela's does have more furniture and home decor things, tho.

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Sat, 03-08-2014 - 7:06pm

We are getting warmer weather here too. Last week was nice (upper 60s) but this morning the temps really shot up--it got to 85F for a while. At ~4pm it is still 78F and the humidity is still about 20%. Sunday is supposed to be even warmer, then next week cools off to the low 70s which is still above average for this time of year. This warmth is coming from the desert area so Shirley, you can bet that you will need those capri's while in Yuma.

Not much happening here this weekend. I got my hair trimmed today and browsed in a used bookshop. For dinner I'm making something with snow peas---I have a bumper crop of them right now. We have a movie from Netflix to watch---Fruitvale Station. 

Last night for dinner I made lemon chicken in the clay pot and this soup. Really a different flavor and presentation of soup, but very good. I wasn't sure if the chicken and soup would "pair" well but fortunately they did. The wine, a Viognier, not so much. Can't win 'em all! Enrique was so kind as to say that he thought both dishes were restaurant quality...aahhhh....glad he felt that way, because he had a LOT of dishes to wash up afterwards!

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Sat, 03-08-2014 - 7:39pm

Here Too-although I think it only made it up to about 4C, it was +4C. I've been hanging my clothes on the outside lines for a week or 2-although I admit, they have to be draped across furniture to finish 'warming up' (& drying-but I don't want to admit that). No Redwings yet-though they should be here soon, if they are there, Sabr.

Our snow is sublimating (my new word-I used to say melting, but got told that wasn't entirely accurate)nicely-though the forecast for Sunday night is another 5-10cm of snow & freezing rain. Hopefully it will miss us! I am actually beginning to feel there is hope for Spring!


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Sat, 03-08-2014 - 8:58pm

Nora, every time I say it seems like spring will never come, Ed says, "The earth IS turning.  Spring IS coming!"  Leave it to a man.

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Sat, 03-08-2014 - 10:50pm

It is a local chain, Dan's Hambuger.  There are 5 in the area.  4 in Ausitn and the one we went to in Buda which is the city DD2 lives in.   We are not big fans of 5 Guys, have never been ot Red Robin or Culvers.  We tend to stick to local places,  either one ofs or local chains. 

They are building a Bass Pro Shop in the town we live in, it will open next year. 

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Sun, 03-09-2014 - 2:14pm

Went to a trivia night last night - we just joined a table that wasn't full - we did NOT do well but we did have fun.  Came in 4th from last, at over 25 tables.  There were topics where we got 2/10 - very tough stuff. But it was a very good cause.

Today - tried to go to the zoo but the wind was colder than we wanted. Still fighting a head cold (last day of a z pack) so didn't really want to stay out. So decided to wash dh's car, get gas, boring stuff. Currently I'm putting off ironing - ds might come by later; he needs some casual non-athletic shoes for his trip to Milwaukee next week, and a haircut.

Warmer here too, tomorrow and Tues to 69-70, but then back to snow Wed. Wild winter.