Friday, and another weekend arrives...

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Friday, and another weekend arrives...
Fri, 02-21-2014 - 4:51pm

What has everyone been up to this week?  Or what plans for the weekend?  I have been going to my exercise class (thoujgh we had Monday off as it was a civic holiday).  I'm embarrassed to admit that I've not been doing a whole lot else with my time.  Ray and I attended his train club's AGM on Saturday past.  He was elected Vice-President.  Before this he was acting secretary though he did a lot of the treasurer's job as the treasurer wasn't able to complete his term.  Unfortunately Ray came down with some sort of intestinal flu bug on Saturday - he managed to fake it pretty well through the meeting on Saturday though he thought it wasn't anything serious on Saturday morning - assuming it was a little intestinal upset that would pass.  Well, it didn't!  He was sick for the next 5 days!  He returned to work only yesterday, Thursday. 

For the past few weeks we've been working slowly on the project of changing/redcoraating this den/computer room where I sit and type these posts.  It's been a slow process, though a few weeks ago we settled on choosing an Ikea desk and matching bookcase for the room.  Though we hadn't purchased it right then.  The old desk here (a hand-me down we acquired many years ago and not a lovely piece of furniture) was finally taken away last Friday.  My son has a neighbour friend in the business of taking second hand items for resale or whatever...not sure what she does with stuff.  Anyway we gladly handed the old desk over to her.  Patrick and the neighbour's truck driver for the truck came to pick it up on Friday.  The arrangements to pick up the desk were made just the night before so that had us scrambling to empty our the drawers to the desk of 16 years of stuff!  16 years of now useless stuff!  Hundreds of those computer disks, computer cables and well, connection wires or whatever (I have no idea what for or from!), printer paper for a printer we don't even use now, and also many dozens of pens and pencils.  And lastly a drawer of notes (mostly mine, I do admit) that were seemingly important enough to keep whenever, but which now were all garbage! 

We took down two shelves attached to the wall above the desk.  And Ray had already removed from this room an old Ikea shelving unit (not for books but larger than that which held a printer and other things) and he brought it up to his 'office' (formerly one son's former bedroom).  He also took an antique Telex machine that was in this room.  I hated those two items which I considered mostly dust collectors which I never liked having to dust!  So they are his problems now!  (I don't mess with his stuff in his room).  We may replace an old metal filing cabinet in this room with one that matches the desk and a bookshelf we plan to buy.  And I need to go and find the right shade of orange-red for one wall ( a feature wall) and a more neutral beige-grey for the other walls.  We will even change the carpet in this room which like the rest of our carpeting in the house is not suitable for a rolling office chair.  Even if we put a plastic office pad under the chair, the carpet under was too plush and the weight of the chair (and person in it!) just made the plastic pad crack.  So we'll get a flatter type of carpet, we figure.  Anyway 16 years after moving in to this house I am happy to know this room will be changed to look a lot nicer than we've had it all that time. 

And that's about what's new with me here.  And what's new or what's happening with everyone else here?