Getting ready for the weekend

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Getting ready for the weekend
Fri, 10-25-2013 - 12:48pm

What's everybody up to? Any weekend plans?

This morning I'm getting in my bike workout, then back home to clean...the inlaws are arriving sometime on Saturday. Saturday afternoon we are going to a birthday party for FIL's brother, who lives with his dd about 10 miles from us. Dh's parents and his brother and SIL will stay here Sat night. So, the house has to be "MIL clean". They'll head home on Sunday sometime, I don't have any plans yet for that day.

One of our favorite restaurants is closing on the 31st so we want to make one last visit there, but it will probably be early next week. Turns out they have another location in a nearby city so we can still get our "fix", it just won't be as convenient.

The weather here is finally fall-like, meaning that its cooling down. Today and tomorrow will be a little warmer--mid 70s--then Sunday back to upper 60s or low 70s, really nice comfortable temps. The trees that change color are doing so, and the sunlight definitely says autumn. 

Not related to anything lol but there is a bush outside my office window that has some berries on it which have started to attract a bird. Coco is on the windowsill trying to hunt the bird....except for the pesky window in the way! At least it keeps her occupied.

Hope everybody has a good weekend.

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Fri, 10-25-2013 - 3:14pm

Dinner at a local favorite Italian restaurant tonight with dh and ds21 (who has been on fall break this week, which doesn't mean we've seen him more than usual!), then dh preps for a hamfest tomorrow.  I have lunch with a friend tomorrow, then we might go to a work friend's Halloween party - but don't really want to miss the Cards beating Boston again!  And Sunday - watching the F1 race, watching the Cards win again, and some chores around the house.  It got COLD so we're not doing that much outside!


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Fri, 10-25-2013 - 3:15pm

 Hi!  I'll take some of those "60's and 70's"!  We had a wonderful Fall here in the midwest, but it's over.  Down into the 40's and 50's now.  It was even 26 degrees yesterday morning.  I'm not a fan of winter, so am already cold.  sigh

This is a very special weekend for me and dh.  We are celebrating 5 years together (we are 53 and 51).  We met online 5 years ago and had our first date on Oct. 25th.  I remember being very nervous as I had been married for 25 years, so hadn't had a "date" since I was 19!  I remember dh and I both having to pull out our reading glasses to read the menu at the restaurant and thinking how strange it was to be going no a first date at such a "mature" age!  lol 

We also will be celebrating the fact that yesterday after a followup MRI, dh's neurosurgeon told him everything looked good and he doesn't have to be checked again for FIVE years!!  We were thrilled!  Dh had an aneuryism in 2009 which was coiled, but the coils didn't hold, so ended up going through brain surgery to be clipped in 2010.  We feel very blessed right now to still be together (we've also had problems with adult children which have almost torn us apart), so we stand strong and are celebrating it all this weekend.  :)

Have fun with your family this weekend!


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Fri, 10-25-2013 - 4:00pm

This weekend is going to be spent like so many in the past, so many in the future-"Pitching & Packing"-for now the special emphasis is on the Pitching part of the "game". I feel I should be modifying the popular saying..."so much junk-so little time". And Elspeth-you have prodded my conscience-I need to begin my indoor biking exercises again-it's too cool to go biking outside much.

But there is also need for normal things-the Fall weather is slowly giving way to pending Winter-apparently yesterday's rain was preceded by a few very early morning S**W flakes-I wasn't wide enough awake to see them, but I know it's been below freezing most nights. So the Roses are covered now, & the woodstove is doing its best to keep us warm. And most of our lovely leaves are now on the ground. Not all of them-enough remain attached that I wonder the wisdom of a final raking.

Interesting about the aneurysm comment, 'startingover'-my sister-in-law just called today to say that she is going into the hospital to have her brain aneurysm have coils put into it-I gather it is growing-but with clear fluids this time, not blood so the doctor feels it is time. Mike is wondering if he should go to be with his sister for this procedure. (If he does go, I will have boxes ready for him to leave at our daughter's house & maybe our son's too!). Not sure how they will feel about it-but hey-we kept stuff over their university years, surely a few things for a few months can be tolerated-right?


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Sat, 10-26-2013 - 1:09am

El, my bird feeder is attracting attention also--from Bree.  She has discovered that the "burds" come onto the deck from the feeder.  But since some hop off the edge of the deck rather than flying up from the center, she thinks they've fallen.  Each time, she runs to the railing, and looks over for them, and when she doesn't see them she says, "Where burd GO???"

The dogs are so so with the birds, but wait with panting rapture for the "squls".

As for the weekend, both kids are attending parties.  We are watching Bree overnight, & I'm helping Lolo with her hair for the party, so that kills Saturday evening, and probably half of Sunday as well. Earlier in the day, Rae & Anthony are meeting with the wedding coordinator at the Arboretum, to see if they can afford it, with a year to save, and a baby on the way.  I hope they aren't disappointed.. 

Weather is in the 50's here, and mostly clear, which also means the nights are quite cold.  Surprisingly, not EVERYTHING has died in the frosts.  I brought in my geranium, and my tuberous begonias, which are still blooming freely, and I'll see how long I can keep them going.  The Rex begonia from last year had doubled in size, and continues to thrive even tho Bree routinely tortures it.

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Sat, 10-26-2013 - 8:25am

Last night DH and I went out for dinner and then went over to DD2 for some last mnute packing.

This morning we are helping her move.  There is a family joke that if you want it to rain just have our family move because it rains about 60% of the time.  There is a 30% chance today which is down from earlier  forcasts.  She is moving from a 3rd floor apartment to another 3rd floor apartment.  We and friends are doing the move at this end but we have hired help at the other end so we cannot work around the rain.  We have to be down there by 1:00. 

Then tonight we are going to a Halloween/60st birthday/25th anniversary party.  It is a co-worker of DHs.  They usually have a Halloween party but this year tacked on the other two. 

Tomorrow I will do the errands that I usually take care of today. 

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Sat, 10-26-2013 - 1:00pm

Not too many plans for the weekend...just some cleaning and laundry to do (on my part) for today, Saturday, and then we will probably have all our children (who live  here, that is, minus Michael in Berlin, of course) for supper tomorrow.  I hope Christine will make it  as it's been quite a while since she's been here for supper on Sunday.  So not a lot of interesting things planned so much. 

The weather is nice and sunny today but we are going to have SNOW fall tonight!  Actually it maybe 'mixed precipitation' tonight but real snowfall starting tomorrow - and an accumulation of 5 to 10 cm. of the stuff (4 to 6 inches) and the temperature tomorrow at 2 Celsius (35 F.) and then even colder during the next 4 days following - around -4 C. on Sunday (24.8 F.) and single digit numbers up to Thursday - Brrrr... It will surely feel like winter.  Got to get the winter jackets and gloves out!


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Sun, 10-27-2013 - 8:13pm

Well I'm a bit late as the weekend is almost over but it's been a busy one. Friday, I was at my Mom's all day unpacking her last 3 boxes as their curio cabinet was returned from the refinisher. I also took them out to pick up their weekly list of many items including different lunches for both of them. The refinishers did an amazing job on the curio after the flood damage, it looked brand new. I also had to talk with the GM of the retirement home with a list of issues. Not fun as I can never totally trust my Mom's complaints nor can I trust what the staff are telling me in spite of how nice they are. I finished there at 7 & so picked up Chinese food for dinner on my way home for a quiet evening of knitting. I was back at Mom's on Sat with DH as I had picked up a spacesaver cabinet for them that I needed to put together & then I had to set up the large curio cabinet. I swear she has at least 50 cups & saucers alone even after giving DD & me several. Her little curio is devoted to "cat" things. Then I finished hanging the few remaining pictures, sorted out things in her closet to make more room & once again had to talk with the GM as their place hadn't been cleaned that week. I had mentioned that weekly was actually biweekly on Fri but was told, oh no that wasn't true. So I asked to see the book on Sat where the cleaning was documented this week. Surprise, surprise - none of the suites scheduled for Friday cleaning were cleaned according to the book. I know this is just part of the opening pains of being in a brand new place but I swear that no one is really watching the staff who obviously are lying or confused.

Today, was laundry, cleaning & I went to curling for a 2 hr lesson/practise which was fun. Busy week coming up including my first shift on the palative care floor at the hospital. Thankfully I'm with an experienced volunteer to teach me the ropes. 

On a side note, I found out it cost the retirement home $1700 to dry clean or launder all of my Mom & Stepdad's clothes after the flood. This included 1 fur jacket, 1 fur stole &  2 leather jackets but the rest were normal clothes. You can imagine how many clothes my Mom has & she has been going through everything for the last 3 yrs. She has given a lot of stuff away but normally "forgets" to ask if I want any of the good stuff. She just keeps buying more.