Going Backwards

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Going Backwards
Wed, 03-12-2014 - 11:14am

I know it's only March, and I know it isn't unusual-but yesterday was such a nice day. I hung my laundry outside & it dried out there. I went on a Spring Bulb hunt-& right against the south wall of the house, enough snow was melted that there were little green shoots showing. I did the "Happy Dance" & thought Spring Thoughts.

Sigh! Today is a whole different story. It is snowing like stink out there-snowing & blowing & while it isn't actually THAT cold-it is cold enough that the slush I stomped through in my neon pink rain boots is now slippery ice to be carefully walked over in my winter boots with the safety 'grippies' on their soles so I don't fall & need stitches again. DD#2 was supposed to come with her kids for a visit-it is March Break week, but I had to tell her she shouldn't come-the drive home tonight would be risky. (our grandsons have hockey tomorrow-so she needed to be back for that).

So yesterday was a teaser-only that. It will come-just not yet. The entire southern part of Ontario is to have this snow-most places 5-10cm (2"-4")but the Kingston area is to get 15-25cm (6"-10"). Seems to me that the Winter what comes early (November)could have the good graces to leave early? But I guess not-the Polar Vortex is predicted to return by the weekend, with sun, but no warmth.

I think I will go sulk in my sewing room-maybe I will pull down the blind & refuse to look out.

How is the weather where you are? I want to buy seeds & peat pots to begin my gardening-but guess I need to be sensible & wait a couple weeks or everything will die before I can even SEE the garden under all that snow. <Big Sigh>


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Wed, 03-12-2014 - 11:59am

Odd one here today too - supposed to have had some snow (was in the low 80s yesterday!) overnight and early today but I didn't see anything; I think the ground is too warm.  High today of 40, but then 60, 64, 60 and then Sunday 45 and possible snow again.  Very strange.  DS is talking about a veggie garden; I'm telling him planning now is fine but we're probably a good 2 months from starting.


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Wed, 03-12-2014 - 8:23pm

We went backward here, also.  Yesterday, it was in the 50's, and Aubrey was out running up and down the deck and front porch with the dogs.  Great patches of grass showing, which were covered with robins!  I heard the warble of the sandhills and whoopers, and went running out in time to see a couple BIG V's, very high up, going north.  Last night about 9pm the hail started, then freezing rain.  Around 11 it went over to snow, and by this morning we had 8 inches of heart-attack snow.  2 trees in the yard split, and I don't think my magnolias by the driveway are very happy, either.  They had suffered from the weight of snow plowed off the driveway over the whole winter, and I fear this was the coup de gra.  Plus, the temps were in the teens at sunrise, and it managed to make 25 today.  Everything is a sheet of ice, now.   

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Wed, 03-12-2014 - 10:05pm

I'm in the same boat too.  We missed the snow and got rain instead.  The temps are going down to freezing tonight & tomorrow. What can I say - back to winter coats.  And just this weekend I was wearing a short sleeve shirt.  So much for the warm weather.