Happy Canada Day!!

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Happy Canada Day!!
Tue, 07-01-2014 - 11:12am

To my fellow Canadians-I say "Happy 147th Birthday!" We have much to appreciate in our vast country, much to be thankful for. But, being Canadian, we usually sit here & quietly say little or nothing about it all. Today, however, we can raise our glasses of wine, beer or clear, sparkling water & say "Happy Canada Day, eh!"

And to the non-Canadians here-well, let me be the one to officially appoint you "Canadians-For-The-Day". Normally, we don't flaunt our nationality, but today, we can celebrate who we are & to be glad we live where we live. As far as I know-we all live in free democracies, where as women we have equal rights as our male friends/partners/relatives. Where the words "Honour-Killings" are not accepted & forgiven-where we can live, do & marry whom we wish. In Canada it is a national right to marry whoever-male or female-& I'm pleased to see it is becoming that way in our southern neighbours. Not a topic for debate-just for today-as Canadians, real or honourary-a right.

So raise a glass of whatever you have (I'm going for a cold Iced tea in a minute)-take time to appreciate the peace that is ours, the quiet that is ours (even if surrounded by noisy grandchildren-there aren't bombs to be ducked-just toys & diapers to trip over)and have a piece of the (virtual)white cake with red & white icing & 147 candles that are about to set my smoke alarm off!


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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 3:38pm

Thanks, Nora! Hope that you and our other Canadian ladies enjoy the day and any festivities in which you take part.