Happy Grandma!

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Happy Grandma!
Wed, 06-12-2013 - 4:20pm

I have been missing in action from the board, 1st because it's been harder to sign on & I can't do it with my ipad only my computer & 2nd because I was being with my daughter waiting for her daughter's birth & then helping to care for the new little one.

I was lucky enough to be staying with my DD when she went into labour as I had played to go home later than day. Little Fynn was born after a whole 2 hrs of labour. When they got to the hospital, the triage nurse told DD that she would have to wait for a room to become available & so DD told her fine, this baby will be born here in the hall then. They ran around, found an empty room but no doctor was available so the nurse delivered the baby. So after mths of stress, worry & pain, it is all over & this little sweetheart is here with us. Buying for little girls is so much more fun than little boys. The clothes are adorable. Fynn is very good. There is the typical stuff that seems so dumb to my generation but it's the new way of doing things. DD has to wake up Fynn every 2 hrs to feed her. Grandma was bad, sent DD for a nap when I was back down this week & Fynn went almost 4 hrs before she woke up. DD freaked but as I explained there are lots of wet & poopy diapers, baby is growing so stop this stupid waking her up. Off to the internet DD went because what do I know, now she can let her sleep at night if she still wakes her up every 2 hrs during the day to feed but once Fynn returns to her full birth weight then my advice can be followed. Frankly, I don't know how any of us ever lived to have these kids with the rules they have today.

I was back into DD's from Sun until yesterday to help & loved every minute of it. I hated to leave yesterday but I had a class to go to last night. It was so nice to get a text from DD saying "I miss my Mommy" this morning. I can't remember the last time she called me Mommy (maybe at 6?) & she has always been so independent that it is great to finally feel needed.

There won't be any baby time for the next 2 wks as I'm taking a bereavement class. I decided to volunteer at the local Hospice & just finished a 5 wk palliative care course last week. During this program, I found that the bereavement side of the organization was very interesting to me & so now I have a 3 wk course to complete. I plan to volunteer at the hospital for the palliative floor & then do 1:1 support for bereavement. There are so many places to volunteer these days but for some reason this area was the one that reached out to me. The other place I'm considering is to work with the victim support team with our local police force. This requires a commitment of 4, 12 hr shifts a mth after you complete their training program. I need to determine whether I can make that commitment with the hospice commitment & the grandkids.

It's an exciting time in my life & one where I want to give back for all the happiness that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.


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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 4:50pm

Hey, Dee, good to hear from you!  I knew  you had to be busy but my goodness, you are much busier than I would have thought with all the activities and being with your DD and family. 

What a great picture of Fynn.  She looks quite big but maybe that's because it''s a close up photo and the photo being so large?  Is she wearing one of Grandma's choice dresses?  How wonderful the birth went so well after the difficulty your dd had the first time around with your DGS. 

Doesn't every generation have it's 'way' of bringing up baby?  Or maybe things have changed more since the advent of childcare books - though there have been some probably since the advent of printing...or maybe not...hmmm... Anyway I do recall doing things differently than my MIL did.  (My mother was not alive when I had my firstborn).  I breastfed on demand...no clock-watching for that.  I read plenty of books on childrearing and attended La Leche League meetings.  In the end I don't think I was the super mom I wanted to be...LOL!  But I never regretted breastfeeding my babies.  As for the rest of their upbringing, I think the book advice went out the window when I got all flustered and upset - emotions trumped any book advice I had read, I found. 

Anyway it sounds like you are really enjoying your retirement as you get involved with many things now.  That's great! 


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Thu, 06-13-2013 - 9:50am

I fully agree that the 'logging in' process is a pain in the ***-but at least I can get in!

She is a beautiful baby, Dee. And I'm sure Sandy (& Luke & Noah)must be so pleased to have her there-finally! As for the directives...seems to me, common sense must prevail. And if Sandy doesn't get her rest too-then Fynn won't do nearly as well. Personally, I've only heard the 'every 2 hours' applied to low-weight babies, & she definitely was not that! I'm sure as she thrives, everyone will relax & enjoy her even more. (just IMHO)


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Thu, 06-13-2013 - 10:46am

Lovely baby! Congrats grandmom!

Did a bit of research and they do say that newborns nurse every 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the baby.  I don't remember how often I nursed my two but I know it was not every two hours. It was on demand (baby hungry, baby gets fed).

I didn't attend any La Leche League meetings or read many books.  I just used common sense. It all worked out OK. My two grew like weeds.

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Fri, 06-14-2013 - 9:58pm

Well we have a little piggy here. Fynn is already at 7lbs 15 oz at 12 days old. So Mommy had decided that Gram may not be so crazy afterall & has move to demand feeding. So there is no more waking that baby up. So Fynn has slept for 5 hrs the last 2 nights & is averaging 3 to 3 1/2 hrs between feedings the rest of the time. Sandy is already feeling better.

It's frustrating because kids today are afraid to use common sense. There are so many theories & they all access the internet to research everything. It's crazy. I fed my kids on demand, started them on food at 2 mths & they are all healthy today. Now they can't start food until something like 8 mths. Very strange.


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Sat, 06-15-2013 - 2:00am

Good to hear that Fynn is doing well and gaining weight, so Sandy can relax a little. I imagine that Noah's first months of life were so very different that in a way she feels like a first time parent.

As I recall feeding on demand was the trend when my kids were that age. I kept the bassinet in our bedroom for the first few months so I didn't have to go so far to get the baby, and more than one night I went back to sleep with the baby sleeping on my chest so I didn't have to get up at all for the next feeding. I knew that was not recommended but I slept lightly and hearing my heartbeat seemed to calm them.  I never had a very good supply of milk so both were slow to gain in the first months but the pediatrician was so supportive of the benefits of breastfeeding that he worked with me. Ds had to be weaned at a year (I was going to work) but dd was done with nursing by 7 months, too distractable. Probably everything that I did would be a no-no now! I remember my baby bible being "Your Baby and Child" by Penelope Leach, her advice was all so common sense. 

Dee, will you continue going down to Sandy's to help her out? 

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Sat, 06-15-2013 - 7:15pm

I think I'm helping her out but my being there is really for my grandkids fix! lol Esp the baby as I'm one that loves babies. I"m trying to figure out how to juggle my calendar to go this week but unless Luke agrees to me being there over the weekend, I think I will have to stay home. Noah graduates on June 27th from kindergarden & they have a formal ceremony. So I believe Ian & I will head down & bring Sandy & kids back or at least Noah for a week. July 1st is Canada Day here & we are trying to have a family holiday at our place some time around the 30th, 1st or 2nd. This will depend on the kids' work schedule. Luke support US companies so it's possible he will be off the 4th instead of the 1st.

This week we had the final big planned event for 2013. James graduated with his Masters of Arts on Wed. I was frustrated as we are having problems with our internet & couldn't stream the ceremony but his partner sent me some pictures. His partner's graduation was on Thurs & so he has his HBSc degree like Sandy but it's in something to do with geography while hers is in human kinetics. James & his partner have finalized their plans & they are heading to Amsterdam the end of Aug for a yr while Mike works on his masters there. I'm hoping Ian will agree to head to visit them & then to either see some of Europe or at least the UK.