Hello..where is everybody?

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Hello..where is everybody?
Tue, 06-11-2013 - 8:16pm

What's happening this week?  Kathy, how did the exams go?  Very much belated birthday wishes, by the way.  Did you take some time some how to celebrate your birthday?  What is everyone doing this week?  Dee, how is the new granddaughter?

I just had a part of a tooth removed today (it cracked and that part was loose) and the dentist filled the section he removed with some filling which is actually temporary as I will need a crown for this tooth. My tooth is kind of softly throbbing after this assault.  I trust by tomorrow it won't be feeling sore. 

On Thursday our DS, Michael, arrives from Berlin to spend two weeks here!  We are looking forward to this. 

Before Dh and I pick him up from the airport, I have a physiotherapy appointment in the morning.  Not sure what she will offer me this time.  I have been doing the exercises to strengthen my leg muscles and occasionally taking short walks.  My knees still hurt though.  I may need to take some prescription pain medication.  The sample stuff my rheumatologist gave me has run out but I've been taking over the counter stuff which doesn't seem to be very effective.  I'll be seeing my doctor next week for my annual physical - I can get a prescription that way.

I've almost got all my flowers planted.  It's taking me a while to do that this year.  The weather, or other constraints have slowed me to plant them one day here, another day there.  I still have a few pots left to plant and a small garden plot  in the middle of the front yard lawn. 

Well, that's the latest here.  What about everyone else? 


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Tue, 06-11-2013 - 8:37pm

Hi Shirley-I come here to see if anyone has started a new thread-but don't seem to feel I have anything terribly exciting to begin my own.

We have been trying to keep busy & upbeat. We spent about 3 or 4 days sorting through Adam's books-so many books. He was a young man of diverse interests-not just Elvis or ghosts, but Astronomy, different movies & movie stars, comedy & books we've put under "variety". The library will take what we bring-not necessarily to shelve, but probably for book sales to buy new books. And we've been sorting through his clothes-most will go to charity. It all needs to be done-but I'm sure you can imagine how hard this is. There are a few items I am reluctant to donate-the sweater I knit to match him on his snowmobile, or the hoodie he wanted.

And I just completed my last class at Community Living until the Fall-the summer off may not be what I wanted, but in thinking it over, it is probably a good idea given the Spring I've had. It gives Mike & I time to become accustomed to our empty nest & to being just 2...not 3.

This has been such a wet year-the garden is well watered, but without sunshine & warmth, nothing will do well. Driving to town today I was shocked to see how many fields are more ponds than fields. Hopefully the long-range forecast for a normally hot summer is going to come true eventually.

So I'm here, Shirley-not sure exactly what I'm doing, but I do know that if I'm truly down & sad, I won't post anything until it passes. And I do seem to be busy enough.




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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 12:38pm

I'm here. I'm just puttering in the garden and in the house so nothing noteworthy to report. I do need to go out and find a Father's Day card for dh. He flies in on Sunday night so no hoopla here but it would be nice if he at least got a card.

A critter has discovered my blueberry bushes, yesterday one bush was pretty much stripped of fruit....so I'm on my way out there to somehow put birdnetting on the other one, hope I'm not already too late.

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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 4:32pm
Now, I'm home from DD's I need to clean my house & finish planting my flowers. The sewing room & family room are a mess with fabric everywhere as I was sewing for the baby in the few days I was home after her birth. Lots more to make but think I need to clean up & do some other things for a bit. I have homework to do for my class tomorrow night & also need to find a Father's Day card. DS2 & his wife are coming up Thurs night to Sat afternoon for Father's Day so we will have a small celebration on Fri night. Tomorrow we are helping to set up for the curling clubs annual garage sale on Sat. Then I will pick my Mom up for lunch & hopefully straighten out her cell phone bill. We have had nothing but problems since I converted her from pay as you go to a mthly plan. I need to finish sanding our pool deck & will do that on Fri if I can rent a large sander as I've done all that I can using the belt & palm sanders. Noah reminded be that I am to ensure the pool is nice & warm by the time he arrives the end of the mth. This will be a challenge with the cooler weather we have been having especially since we use the lake water to fill the pool & have no heater. Saturday I have a full day of class which is unfortunate considering the kids will be here. So for me, there is lots to do. Dee