Hey Suzy. Keeping warm down there? Heard you still have blowing

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Hey Suzy. Keeping warm down there? Heard you still have blowing
Mon, 01-06-2014 - 12:15am

& drifting snow limiting visibility, and those severe wind chills.  Our snow stopped falling a couple hours ago.  We had about 8 inches between NYE and Thursday.  It was pretty frigid then; my garage door froze shut.  Then it started again yesterday afternoon, and we got 12 more.  That's here.  Up north was worse.  Poor Ed plowed off & on for 3 hours today.  Overnight , tomorrow and tomorrow night, our actual temps are expected to be around -20(F), with wind chills -30 to -50.   Glad I don't have to go out. 

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Trying, and yes, we still have bitter cold too.  With a yardstick we're anywhere between 12-15" (lower where it blew around).  Our windchill right now (8am) is -32F; we might hit -2F today (at -7 now).  Very bitter. DS21 wanted to sled in the yard yesterday (very small incline) but it was too powdery (and too cold!).  I can't believe they didn't call work off; TONS of schools and businesses are off today (logically) - I feel for all the people who will be out jumping cars that won't start....

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Well, I wasn't asked-but I am contributing my 2cents!

We didn't have as much snow yesterday or even overnight. In fact, it was raining-big juicy drops of rain! And as I write here-my computer says it is 36F (can't get it to change to Celsius)in Kingston. Which is lovely. BUT-buses are cancelled because by this afternoon it is to be about -20C-which is 0F. The wind is blowing quite strongly, trees are bending  & we are to have a flash-freeze. So before the kids are to be taken home, the roads will be skating rinks. In south-western Ontario-there are already major highways closed due to accidents as the temperatures have plummeted. Like Sabr-we have nowhere to go today-hopefully before our appointment tomorrow the sanding trucks will have done their thing! I just heard on the radio that the Ottawa airport (about 2 hours east of here)is in a mess-so I guess it's imminent. And for more fun...snow is forecast too. Have I ever mentioned how very much I HATE Winter? (probably 100 times already, you say?)


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We got probably about 10" yesterday here in the Peoria area. Woke up to -15 degrees. Right now it's up to -13 with a 'feel like' temp of -38. All the schools including the 3 local colleges/universities are closed, most health clinics/dr. offices are closed. Even Caterpillar, whose headquarters is in Peoria and is the major employer around here, is having many people (including dh) work from home. He was planning on working from home anyway - counting today he only has 14 more work days before he retires. Heaven help me.....

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A pet peeve I have.. People do not understand wind chill factor.

It is determined based on a person walking 3.1mph in an open field face-on with NO protection into the wind.  Wear a hat, wear a scarf, wear gloves and a warm winter coat and you will be OK.