How was your weekend?

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How was your weekend?
Mon, 09-16-2013 - 9:38pm

Since we didn't have a thread last Friday about the weekend we'll do it now. So, what did you do? 

Anything coming up this week? 

I was watching The Weather Channel and noticed that many places are getting some cool weather, at least for a few days, and upstate NY might have frost (that might cross the border and head for Nora's yard?lol). Is it nippy at your house, nice, or still stinkin' hot?

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Mon, 09-16-2013 - 11:39pm

EXHAUSTING!!!  Lolo & Will left for Vegas last Thurs at the crack, so we had Bree AND their 2 dogs since last Wednesday.  And they JUST came and got their crew about an hour ago. 

Bree can get out of the pack n' play, and off the king bed for that matter, so she sleeps BETWEEN Ed & I, and the dogs are in the bed also.  NO ONE sleeps on Ed's side of the bed, except ED!  EVERYONE sleeps on ME.  I end up with 2 inches of mattress, can't even get enough covers to keep my rear warm & if I roll over, I fall off.  Plus, Lolo's 2 dogs were on the floor.  And since Bree can open the french door, and unlock the screen door out of my bedroom onto the deck, everything needs to stay shut and locked at night.  So to add insult to injury, there were 6 dogs, and one old man, all passing gas in my bedroom.  I thought my head would explode.

I had to feed the dogs in 3 different rooms, so they wouldn't fight.  I have to lock up Bree so she doesn't try to take the food out their mouths, and get bit in the process.  All she has to do is IGNORE them, but NOOOO...  I had to walk the dogs in shifts, and take her with each time, since she can climb out of baby jail, and open the doors...

 And her new favorite word is MINE, which she hollers at the top of her lungs while clutching the item she has fallen in love with, to her breast, with a death grip.  Items like a spoon drenched in spaghetti and sauce, a dog, or a dirty diaper.  

  To put the cherry on the cake, we ended up having to go to a wake tonight.  Since the kids weren't getting in till late, and I REFUSED to take Bree to the wake, Rae agreed to babysit for a few hours. 

The best part of the whole weekend was watching her set up dinner in front of her darling neice, and having the baby take one look into the bowl, push it away, dust her hands and say, "All Gone!"  And having Rae say, "No it ISN'T all gone.  I can see it RIGHT THERE!" (as if the kid understood) while Bree shook her head and said NO!!! ALL GONE!!!  I laughed all the way to the funeral parlor.

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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 8:56am

Our weekend was spent as many weekends to come will be spent-working on the house. For many weekends/years-things have been put on hold because Adam's health demanded that we spend the time with him, either helping him or appreciating the fact that he didn't need our help at that moment & enjoying him. Now we are playing 'catch up'. For after April, 2014, we are planning to put the house on the market & sell it.

It has been a very difficult decision-as you can imagine. We've lived here 30years-we love the fact that we have the acerage,the waterfront so Mike can canoe & we can use the paddleboat, we can watch wildlife. But 2 of our children live in south-western Ontario & Karen, especially, has been after us to move closer for years. We couldn't with Adam's high medical needs-now we can. And much as we love this house-Mike's increasing arthritis has made some things difficult-so we are looking for something smaller & less work intensive. "THEY" say nothing should be done until a year after the death of a loved one-hence the dateline of April.

Mike is slowly doing some of the things that have been ignored-fixing floors that have needed to be re-done, I will clean more than the basics& paint what must be painted. Hard to describe what has been ignored-my house has never quite reached the state of "OMG-what a pigpen"-but it does need more than its been getting. Living with someone, especially a child,who is slowly dying, has not only drained us of energy but put our time for such things elsewhere.

As for the weather-it isn't hot, it is cool-but not cold. And the nights are quite comfortable for sleeping-with the winter comforter on the bed. I like the window open-which means Mike cranks his half of the electric blanket up & throws on another blanket besides. I wear a warm jacket for my morning bike ride-but am quite warm by the time I'm half-done. I am going to begin bringing in the frost sensitive plants soon-like the Calla Lilies. Mom is coming for a couple days today after my volunteering-& I'll get her to help me plant my bulbs-when I dug up the lilies from the perennial bed, I sliced through a few of them, so we'll replace those. I'm not sure how quickly it will sell, so we need to assure it will look nice.Besides-I like it to be busy outside when I can.


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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 10:08am

On Sunday I went to Long Island to have brunch with my father.  He is 88 years old and still lives in the beautiful townhouse he & Mom moved into back in 1999.  Mom died six years ago but he's still there.  I've been getting the feeling lately that it is too much for him, and also that he does not get out as much as my siblings think he does.  As far as I can tell, he has lunch with a friend once a month and goes to brunch with the choir after church once a month, and unless someone comes to him, that is it for his social life.  My dad is a sociable person and my parents had a very busy social life.  Most of their friends however have moved away or died or are too old to get out to visit with each other. 

This year Dad was unable to drive to my area for my DD's senior concerts, including her solo recital, and I was starting to feel like maybe it was time for him to move into an independent living community.  If he can't drive far and doesn't see his friends, what is the point of living alone where he is?  When I suggested this to my siblings last month, they jumped all over me for it.  But I thought, I'm going to put it out there anyway:  how about if he moves to be near me?  My house is the hub for holidays and family visits, and he is the only reason anyone goes to Long Island - wouldn't his life be nicer if he were closer to the rest of us and had more opportunities to socialize and get to NYC for the cultural events he enjoys but can't get to?

Wouldn't you know, as soon as we sat down for brunch, Dad said, "I've been thinking, I should move into a retirement community near you."  He took the words right out of my mouth!  I told him I couldn't agree more and that I'd start visiting places immediately. 

So that's what's up for my week.  Besides my normal family events (and my birthday!), I'll be visiting independent living communities for Dad.


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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 10:09am

OMG Sabr, I laughed my head off!  Thanks for a great start to my workday!

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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 11:17am

This week - still working on the den rehab/remodel - it's well over 5x what I thought it'd cost so trying to come to terms with that. And it's still nowhere near done but the remainder of the labor is ours (99% dh's).  Got the usual volleyball and dh's MBA class tomorrow night, going to a play Thursday night at our local repertory theater, and then dh and his friend are going to a hamfest (amateur radio) in Peoria Saturday; I might get to tag along and meet Pam!  Then we have a local annual neighborhood celebration Saturday night where they have awesome fireworks right over your head (small park; very small!), and Sunday we're going to the St Louis chapter's Vision Walk - should be a nice day, they're predicting high of 80. 

Weather here is cool but nice; we're to get rain the rest of the week but be anywhere from 76 to 90 for highs.  Hate to think of closing the pool yet; nights are in the upper 60s/low 70s. Hoping to jump in Sunday after the Vision Walk!


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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 7:40pm

I had a mostly uneventful weekend. Friday was busy---went to the island for my bike workout, did a slew of errands in the afternoon, and out to dinner at night. We went to an Italian place in the nearby main commercial district--there is an area about 4 blocks away that has several restaurants and bars and a few other small businesses; then the main business district for the greater neighborhood is more like 10 blocks from my house. We decided to drive the 10 blocks even though parking on a Friday night could be tough. Per dh's usual luck, somebody pulled out as we drove up, just a few doors from the restaurant. We go to the restaurant, which looked packed, and the hostess opens a new section and seats us right away! After dinner we walked around the area, it was teeming with 20&30 somethings because there was a music event that weekend and many of the performances were at bars and venues in the neighborhood. That was pretty much the high point of the weekend lol, I just did the usual yardwork/housework/Netflix etc for the remainder.

The weather is still warm but at least its cooling down at night enough so the house cools off. 

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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 7:55pm

Wow Nora, that's some news! Not altogether surprising, as you've mentioned before that you'd like to be closer to the grandkids, and that the property requires a lot to keep up...but still a big deal. I've also heard "them" say to wait a year before making a major change, but its not like you just got this idea last week and now you've put the house on the market. Good that you are taking 6+ months to make preparations then a final decision.

When you envision this change, does it have you moving directly to SW Ontario or to an interim place near where you are now? What about your mom? Would she want to be close to you, or does she want to stay in the KIngston area?

Sounds like you will have plenty to keep you busy this winter!

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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 8:03pm

Sabr, what a weekend! Your description was pretty amusing but I'll be it wasn't so funny while you were in the middle of it. Here's a suggestion: get one of those bike trailers that has a little tent like cover that you can zip closed (and contain the kid). Put Bree in the trailer and harness the dogs in sled dog fashion, and let them pull her around. You just amble at the front directing the dogs. 

Enjoy some peace and quiet when you can!

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Fri, 09-20-2013 - 12:20am

I will comment on my week starting with the last weekend.  The one and the main thing that I must mention that has been fairly encompassing of my weekend days (if not starting a few days before this) was the refinishing of an old Ikea dresser.  If any of you here recall, we picked up an old 'free for the taking' dresser a couple of springs ago (is it really that long ago?).  Anyway Ray got to work on sanding down the drawer fronts and also the top surface of the dresser as we had the intention of staining it and it did have a thin urethane type clear finish on it that we needed to remove first.  He also repaired a couple of drawer slide mechanisms and filled some gouges that some kid (I'll presume it was a kid) must have made with the point of an tool like a screwdriver?  All that was done quite a while ago and we even had bought the stain some time ago but it was quite some time passed before we finally got down to making use of it, which was last weekend.  

Ray had to first remove the remaining urethane coat on the sides of the dresser which he had been reluctant to get to since (for reasons I won't bother to describe here) he thought it would be almost impossible to do.  But anyway he did manage to do that while I got to work with the staining first of the drawer fronts.  I was very delighted with the ease of applying the stain.  Actually first I applied a clear liquid which is a kind of primer to help make the stain be absorbed more evenly.  And it did work like a charm.  The stain went on easily and I did two coats of it.  Then applied the urethane...two coats of that too, but all with drying times in between of course.  Eventually I also got to working on the dresser body too and now it is almost all done save for the 'bun feet' of this dresser which we are not sure how to stain those, since we've not yet actually sanded them as that task doesn't seem as easy as sanding a flat surface.  But we'll figure out something to solve this problem. 

Otherwise I am delighted with our efforts!  It makes me want to refinish more old furniture.  Although realistically, I won't be diving in to do that at this time of year as we head into colder weather. It's not that we have a big need for a dresser but this one will fit fine into guest bedroom in the basement.

This week, i.e. Tuesday to most of today, I was in Canmore at Susanne's.  While I was there to celebrate her birthday with her, I was also there to help her with a problem that was causing her a major panic.  If I can just keep the story short, she has a grant to finance a commission to create two small stained glass windows in a church in the town of Banff.  (The church didn't have all the money needed to finance such a venture so Susanne applied for a grant).  Anyway she knows nothing how to make stained glass windows but has found a master stained glass studio in Nova Scotia where artists are assisted in making stained glass creations. 

Susanne had to make two drawings (cartoons, as they are properly titled) for these windows.  The fellow who is the master craftsman at the studio was sent the copies of her drawings for him to see.  He relayed back to her that for the size of the windows (basically 10 inches wide and 36 to 39 inches high) that her drawings had way too many small details that could not be translated into pieces of glass that would make up the stained glass windows.  Hence she was told to make her drawing simpler.  All this with only two weeks before he is to see the new drawings and less than three weeks before she is to be in Nova Scotia to begin working on making them!  Seems the communication between them in the months (?) prior to now hadn't been clearly spelling out this aspect of the windows - she was unaware of this important bit of information!

Panic overcame her and she was unsure she could do this!  She asked for my help and together we did take her original drawings and remove some lines and simplified the drawings - my helping not just erase lines from the original drawing (done in pencil) but also to help her make some design ideas for some areas of the drawing she thought to change. 

She was extremely grateful for my help - I think too just my being there helped her calm down.  I enjoyed our collaborative process and was glad to be so helpful to her.  I was her student in university eons ago (!) and she values my artistic ability to have helped her in this time of crisis! 

So the drawings for the two windows are done, although she had made two smaller copies which she will colour in - since of course this will provide a 'map' from which the colours the glass pieces will be chosen to translate the drawings into stained glass.

While the pressure was on, we also had a lot of laughs between us.  Susanne has a way of joking that makes me laugh with tears springing to my eyes!  So we had a lot of fun in the midst of working hard on the alteration of the drawings.

And that was how I spent (for the most part) last weekend and into this week.  Still got lots of things on the go for the coming week...but about that later.