I have exciting and not so good news - update

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I have exciting and not so good news - update
Mon, 12-23-2013 - 8:15pm

To start with I'm sick with a very bad cold.  I've been sick since last Thurs or maybe Wed.  I've taken Tylenold Multicold, Robitussin, etc. & the worst is I HAD A FLU SHOT last Nov. so I knew every year when I get the flu shot, I don't get sick.  This is a 1st for me & I'm really pissed off about it.  

That said, I've been in contact with one of my buyers who has been requesting to see a condo unit.  It's located on the other side of the county where I live so I wasn't looking to drive there with my cold.  Was trying to put it off, but the good samaritan that I am, I knew he only had weekends to view homes, so I relented & drove there.  At least the weather was warm this past weekend - no snow or ice, so I didn't mind the drive that much.  Just packed tissues with me.  Anyway, he loved it & drum roll please...I made my 1st sale!! I filled out the paperwork & now it's in the attorney's hands ready to prepare a contract.  FYI - I'm well aware in the U.S. that real estate agents draw up contracts, however, in New York City and surrounding suburbs, by law, the attorneys draw up the contracts.  This is to prevent fraud, misinformation, errors, etc.  So each party has to hire their own attorney.  Yes, I am excited about this event, only I wish I could have been healthy to enjoy it.  

What a year it's been - to go from one job, enter a new career, and make my first sale - I would never have imagined this in 2012.  I will say this, I'm happy I left retail because 1) the Target credit card crisis and 2) just heard the retail report on Christmas shoppers and it's very weak.  The business reports are saying the online retailers are doing extremely well reporting strong sales and the physical stores are reporting fewer shoppers and weaker sales.  Based on my experience, I did see the tide turning during the recession and I suspected this.  It hurts our generation because we're so ingrained with driving to the mall, parking our car & shopping inside.  Have we known anything else since we've been born?  Going forward, shopping is going to grow exponentially online and the brick and mortar stores are going to suffer.  I'm sure some stores will survive but I can see others folding.  Maybe I'm wrong, but we'll see.


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Tue, 12-24-2013 - 8:56am

Congrats on the sale! And quite a year for you to reflect on - successfully!

DH got a flu shot (has to working in a hospital) and they didn't record it so he got a 2nd (which he found out is dangerous) and has been fighting a cold the last week or so too.

The only in-store shopping I do is grocery and Target; I pretty much do the rest online and have since it was available. I'm not a shopper.  I do go to 'cute' areas that have some little shops, but am NOT into dept stores (at least since Marshall Fields is gone!)