I need a break from the weekend!

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I need a break from the weekend!
Mon, 04-15-2013 - 1:13pm

But not because my weekend was full of partying...it was full of contractor noise and mess. Funny how I had forgotten just HOW disruptive it is to have workers in the house. It was just too loud to be in the house and they were in most every room so no escape. And they didn't leave until 6pm---a long day for everybody. They "cleaned" before they left but just got up the most visible debris. Everything-- tables, floors, etc--has a coating of grit; probably the upholstery too as I forgot to put plastic drop cloths on everything...silly me. I did some cleaning on Sunday night but was too tired to do much, so that's on my list for today.  The good news is that I got a lot of work done in the garden, and the weather was cool and cloudy so I didn't get too hot or sunburnt out there.

So today I'll wait in line at the post office to mail the tax returns, and do some other errands. Then home to try to catch up on things that I couldn't do without a sure supply of electricity, or with men with tools everywhere. I didn't go on the bike this morning because it was raining, its stopped now but is still grey and cool out. Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Rose Society, I only attend occasionally when they have a speaker that interests me. Tonight its the man who used to be head of the state's Integrated Pest Management so I think I'll go to hear what he has to say.

Tuesday I get my mammogram, and Thursday see the dermatologist for a Rosacea check. I'm thinking that the new med isn't working as well as the old one but I don't really want to resume the old one (azithromycin, a powerful oral antibiotic) so not sure what to do, as I don't really want to have spots on my face either *sigh*. 

What's coming up this week for you?

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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 2:10pm

Ugh-your weekend with all the mess & contractors sounds pretty awful! Good Luck with the appointments, Elspeth.

Today we took Adam to see the Neurologist-the first one since his seizures in January. He gave us something to try to see if it stops the tremors he has now. And he has no idea why he has Chiara Syndrome now-when he was tested for it at age 14 or 15 & did not have it. (He was tested because any sign of it would have eliminated any hope of scoliosis repair-he was refused for a different reason-no Chiara)

Tomorrow my friend from Nursing is coming with her partner. Kathy's dh died at a young age & I'm not sure if she will marry Gord-but it is nice that she has found a partner & friend to be with now. They are coming tomorrow until the end of the week-whenever. I am still hoping to begin digging up some of the garden areas-it's early to plant but I'm "itching" to begin doing some of it. My Spring bulbs are showing their happy faces-time to get serious about the rest of it.


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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 6:56pm

I hear you - I, with a tiny bit of help from my ds20, spread 28 bags of mulch yesterday.  My thighs sure know it; the rest of me seems ok so far.  Looks great but that was a lot of work.  DS had spread the first 22 bags a couple weeks ago on his own so I can't really complain. 

Week isn't bad - VERY busy at work as I am trying to wrap up a project that's been out there for a couple of years, and then I will be out of town for work next week (going to Rochester, NY Su-Th for a Kaizen event). Thankfully the evenings are 'normal' - dh has a midterm in his MBA class Wed, so he'll be busy studying til then. I'm still hooked on the Jodi Arias trial so that'll keep me busy while he's busy. VB Wednesday. Mostly packed for the trip so that won't take long, plus dh will be at a hamfest (amateur radio) Saturday so that gives me more time for that.

Just enjoying trees in bloom, birds being very active, albeit expecting rain for 4 days straight.


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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 7:26pm

Grrrrr, problems posting again today.

My week is busy with things for my Mom. We went with the group of seniors today to the new place they will be moving to on Fri. They are to stay in this retirement home until their's is ready. Thankfully they will have a proper place to live, not so happy it's an hour away. But things are a very rough with my Mom right now. She has to make a major life decision & if she choses the wrong way then our relationship will essentially end with the exception of my supervising her finances & medical care. Won't bore you with the details but this has been a long time in coming.

I have to get an appt with family dr tomorrow for Mom. Left message today but they didn't call back, then I will go to help her sort out what she will take with her & what I will bring back home then get her packed. We are also waiting for a CAT scan appt & I'm hoping I don't have to go with them to unpack in the new place on Fri.

I have my pap scheduled for Thurs then afterwards, I'm meeting my future DIL & her Mom for lunch. My grandmother started a tradition of buying the wedding night attire for her daughters, Mom did it for me & I did it for my DD. I decided to do the same for my future DIL so I will give her this on Thurs. I was disappointed because everything I saw was black or red. Guess there isn't much call for the pretty pastels in this area anymore.

My DS1 arrives back in Toronto on Thurs but I won't see him until Sat when I go pick him up from DD's. He is running DGS's birthday party on Sat for his sister. Although she is doing well, said she was out catching line drives today for DGS. Thankfully, he doesn't hit very hard or far yet.

In between all these appts, I must do my taxes & get my sewing done. Dee