It's Friday-Plans?

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It's Friday-Plans?
Fri, 05-03-2013 - 9:33am

This weekend will somehow be a bit more normal than last. Still empty, still lonely-but a bit better. And I guess this is normal, isn't it?

We have had amazing weather lately, so the garden is being expanded. And while most of it can't go in until May 24 weekend (which falls on May 20 this year-Victoria Day weekend)hopefully I can weed the rest of it, & maybe get the potatoes into the newly expanded part. I got the Rose bed cleaned out in an effort to occupy myself last week. Mike even bought some Cedar trees to plant-so I'll probably supervise that!

And I have thank you notes to write-people have been so kind & so generous to us. I will send notes & I will write a thank you for the newspaper for the people who were involved in Adam's life. And I'm sure I will shed some tears as I do all this-but not as many as last weekend.

We are becoming accustomed to the role of "Empty Nesters"-seems odd not to have to plan nursing hours, or to have the freedom to do something as simple as going down to the lake. Maybe we can get the paddle boat in?

What do YOU have happening this weekend? What is your weather like? I heard from Cynthia in Iowa-they got S**W yesterday!!


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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 12:15pm

Wet, wet and more wet here into Monday; M-W this week were gorgeous.  Rained all last night.  So obviously nothing outside. DH works tomorrow and SIL is sick so no estate sale-ing with his family while he's working, so I think I'll shop, bake, do housework, etc.  He and I are going out tonight so that'll be nice.  Sunday we go see a dog we are considering adopting, bringing our cat to see if they get along.  Hope to watch Hitchcock too.


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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 9:06pm

Our weather has been way below normal for the last few days.  Set a record last night, it was only 42 (5) when I went to work this morning but got up to 75 (24).  That pattern is supposed to continue for the weekend.

In the morning DD3 and I are doing a 5K.

Got two ball games this weekend. The company I work for is a sponsor for the local AAA ball team.  DH and I are using their regular tickets for Sat night.   Then we will be going again on Sunday afternoon.  I have 17 tickets for that game so the girls and some friends will be going with us. 

We are planning a BBQ with the girls Sunday evening but Stephanie may cancel out, she may be too tired after spending the day at the ball park. 

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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 11:04pm

Nothing exciting here, for me. I'll probably try to do a bunch of errands on Saturday like Target etc. I also hope to amend some planting beds. I've decided that I'm not going to buy or plant the summer veggies until we return from Montreal, but I hope to have everything ready to go---so I can just buy the plants the day after we get home, and start planting then (hopefully the nursery will still have a good selection). I don't have an automatic irrigation system and don't have time to set one up and test it before we leave. 

We're having crazy weather here. Yesterday got to 85F and today got to 90F--ugg! At least it wasn't muggy, the humidity was ~10%. I was out on my bike when it was 90 (32C) and had to cut my ride short because I literally felt like my skin was burning---even though I was wearing sunscreen I'm just not used to the heat and strong sun yet. A while ago the fog started coming in and the temperature is dropping fast, its now 64F! They're saying that by Sunday night we could get a little rain. 

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Sat, 05-04-2013 - 1:07pm

We are having a beautiful weekend weather-wise...sunshine and warm temperatures.  Ray is off to the train club - the members are there to do whatever needs doing to prepare for the first day they open for the spring and summer for the public to come ride the trains.  That day is the 19th of May.  I could go today but I wouldn't be of much help with my inability to do much walking with my still-painful knees.  Anyway I'm not sure what they all have to do there to prepare the place...but....

Today I'm going to do some rearranging of my closet to take summer clothing out of storage and putting the winter clothing into storage.  I said that a few times before but I really need to do that now since our weather is finally nice enough that I'll need to have the summer clothing handy.

Tomorrow Ray says he'll (finally) mulch the old leaves left on the lawn from last fall (the snowfall came so early we didn't get to rake up the leaves and all the leaves hadn't even fallen off the trees at the time!).  Anyway, at first he said he'd rake them up, but now he might just run the lawnmower over the leaves and lawn to mulch the leaves and cut the grass.  Maybe we'll also take the patio furniture out of the garage and put it on our deck. 

Those generally are the plans for the weekend.  The boys will probably be here for supper on Sunday...not sure about Christine.  She's just moved into her own apartment!  She's pretty excited and happy about that.  She had come the other day to take some of her stuff she's had here in storage - out of our garage, yay!  We really need to have a garage sale - there's still a lot of stuff we kept over the years that needs to be given away or sold at a garage sale.  Some of the things are some of our children's toys!  I must have said it before here on the board, but I thought one day some of these 'valuable' toys would be given to our grandchildren.  Well, I can't wait for grandchlldren that may never happen...time to move those things into the hands of other children and clear some space in our garage.  Anyway the community garage sale is in early June, so I guess we had best get busy soon to clear out what there is and prepare it for the sale.