It's Friday...what's on your weekend agenda?

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It's Friday...what's on your weekend agenda?
Fri, 05-31-2013 - 11:10am

I am hoping that we (meaning Ray and myself) can get to our garage and figuring out what we can put up for sale on the following Saturday when we will have a communitywide garage sale in our community.  We have boxes (up high on shelves in the garage) we haven't seen the contents in years - much of it though happens to be some toys (which we saved...such good toys...figured we'd have grandchildren one day...ha!) and also some toys of my daughter's - things she was reluctant to part with many years ago - so we humoured her and kept most of it...though not all of it was I thinking worth keeping!  However, she isn't so attached to these things  !  But I know other boxes will reveal some 'treasures' we ourselves kept.  I am keen to clear stuff out.  But it will be a fairly big job...not keen to do that in a way. 

Ray still does have the commitment to go to the train club and help run the trains for the public to ride, as he usually does now on Sundays.  So our garage work will have to be done mostly on Saturday. 

In the meantime, we saw our daughter's apartment this week when we transported a shelf unit she wanted, in our minivan.  She invited us in to see her place, even though I think she was still wanting to fix it up more so before showing it to us.  But since we were there and bringing a shelf unit, she did kind of have to let us in!  It's an old house and she's got the basement apartment...which the remodeling job on the place looks a bit amateurish..home-made...sort of.  It's not the worst, but oh why didn't she agree to have the carpets replaced?  Or if not that, to have them cleaned as the landlord suggested? Maybe she will take him up on that, but why didn't she when the place was still empty?  Oy!  The windows could use a washing...though luckily a few of those basement windows are surprisingly large (good as an escape hatch if she ever should need it...I do worry about fires - you never know).  Her place is in a  nice part of the downtown area...near a nice street with lots of shops and there's even a large chain grocery store  within walking distance.  Some day that house she's in won't be there...they will tear it down and replace it with some sort of apartment complex, if possible.  But for now...well, she's happy to have a place of her own... old and shabby as it may be...but she's painted some of the walls already to freshen up the if she'd only have something done for those carpets! 


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I'm hoping to work in the garden this weekend, weather in, not too hot. While we're not having a heat wave here, the sun is now pretty strong and mid-day can be uncomfortably hot to be working in the sun. I remembered that my neighbor has a rototiller and she once offered me use of it, so I may see if that offer still stands. I *could* amend all of the beds with a shovel but it would go so much faster with a machine.

On Sunday the Rock and Roll Marathon runs through our neighborhood. This year they changed the course, it has never come anywhere close to my house but now it will pass about 2 blocks away. A good friend will be running the full marathon so Enrique will definitely be watching for him, and I may join him; I suspect that dh will also want to see the elite runners go by but that will probably be a couple of hours before our friend!

Other than that, just the usual chores and puttering. We'll probably try to talk to the kids at some point. We've started talking with ds via Facetime on the iPad. Dd also has an iPhone but we haven't Facetime'd with her yet, although occasionally we Skype.

I can hardly believe that Saturday is June 1st. This year seems to be zipping by, doesn't it?

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Wet here as of a few minutes ago, to last through tomorrow.  We're going on vacation (all inclusive place in Dominican Republic Wed-Wed) so I want to make sure everything we need/want is packed and ready to go. Otherwise want to get chores done so I can go and not feel like I'm coming home to more than the usual.  Sunday is a car show so we'll probably go see that if the weather clears; might go to an Omnimax movie at our Science Center tomorrow. Nothing super exciting.


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We went for groceries & errands today-so the weekend should be quiet. Mom has to have some tests on Tuesday-& rather than pick her up at some unholy hour then (the first test is at 8:30am)I thought I'd get her Monday & bring her here for the night. But seems nobody else in the family has invited her for dinner Sunday-so I think I'll bring her on Sunday-give her a Sunday dinner, she can spend Sunday & Monday night with us & then the tests on Tuesday. I'll take her back & then go to my volunteer 'job' before coming home.

She is well & thoroughly bored in there-even to the point of being depressed. Spring & Summer were always her favourite times-when she planted & weeded & fussed over her gardens-so when she told me how she is sleeping for hours in the daytime, it was alarming. Our family GP even suggested to her that she was depressed & Mom thought about it & agreed.

Mike & I have started to see a Grief Counsellor-hopefully he will help us get over this horrid feeling of sadness. It is okay for a bit-then days like today when we ordered the plaque for the top of his Inuksuk-the tears started again. Normal I guess-but so unlike me, I'm usually quite happy.

So the weekend will be quiet-but I'll be in the garden, unless the forecast of rain holds true. I might get some sewing done, I will get knitting done & reading too.


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 This morning we went out for breakfast, it was a fund raiser for The American Legion.  Tonight we are planning on going to a ball game but the storms that hit Missouri and Oklahoma are headed this way and expected to hit late afternoon/evening so we will have to wait and see.

 Nothing planned for tomorrow except for my weekly shopping trip I usually do on Sat morning but did not because of the breakfast.