Its National Cat Day

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Its National Cat Day
Tue, 10-29-2013 - 5:02pm

Maybe everybody knew this but me....and I don't know if its "celebrated" in Canada lol. I had no idea until dd sent an email about it.

So, I'll have to figure out how to honor Coco, like she's not already treated like the queen. Maybe some treats "just because".

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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 5:14pm

No I didn't know this..  Found this online...good for a chuckle!


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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 8:50pm

Cute gallery of photos Shirley.

And my ds sent me this:

Can you imagine how fun that would be, to get a delivery of kittens and cupcakes at work?? I read that they didn't have nearly enough kittens for the demand...I don't imagine that the kittehs "work" for very long before needing a nap!

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Wed, 10-30-2013 - 11:34am

Had no idea - oh, well, I doubt our cats will mind if we celebrate a day late!  ;o)  It's not like they don't get constant attention when we're home... DS had his little girl kitty over last night so all 3 got to romp - I figure that's a good celebration for all 3, even though I didn't know til now!


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Wed, 10-30-2013 - 5:41pm

Marrying the two threads of travel and cat day..

the Café des Chats in Paris...

You need a reservation it is so popular.

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Thu, 10-31-2013 - 11:08am

Going by the attitude of these 3-EVERY day is Cat day around here. One cat (LC) waits for me to leave my chair & then jumps up so she can be next to the love of her life-Mike-as he sits at the table. Another one(Tibby) looks at me as I walk into my bedroom, makes sure I see him-then jumps off the bed & hides under it until I leave. And the one he rescued from the wild (Tigger)will tolerate me-until he figures out where Mike is, then I am on my own.

Kind of shows where I fit into the family dynamics, doesn't it? Now poor LC(stands for Little Cat-which she is no longer)was a stray who adopted Mom, hated everyone except Mom & Adam-came here when she had to go into the Retirement Residence. And went into deep mourning when Adam died(she stood outside his bedroom door & yowled)but has decided Mike is 'good enough'. But I am apparently not any good for anything. Tibby has always looked on me with scorn & Tigger is the one who curled up on his bed & slept that last night while Adam was dying-something he had never done before.

So around here-we have the 2 Pugs who come slightly behind me in the "Cat Grand Scheme of Things"-& only because the Pugs will take any opportunity to chase them, I do not. I even help buy their food & litter-but they love Mike.


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Fri, 11-01-2013 - 11:16am

LOL! Every day is cat day at our house! Our two own us and they know it. I've got a massive pile of laundry on my bed right now that I can't fold because the cats are lounging on it. At least that's my excuse....