It's the weekend!

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It's the weekend!
Fri, 05-17-2013 - 8:44pm

Wishing everyone a great weekend especially those fellow Canadians who are about to enjoy our first long weekend of the summer. Yeah for Victoria Day weekend.

We have no special plans just hope to get some work done outside if the weather is nice. The black flies are heading in which impacts our ability to get too much done outside if they are bad. We haven't had much of a problem the last 2 yrs so not sure what to expect this year. The boats have started out on the lake. We may put our in next week if DS2 comes up on Tues & the weather cooperates.

DH seems to be having problems this year. I guess turning 61 is making a difference but he was saying that cutting the lawn on the 4 acres did him in today. He does have one of the fancy dancy lawn trackers.  I think part of it is his approach. He should stagger his chores but he does too much at one time, then can't do anything for a couple of days. I'm not a fan of gardening & have offered to cut the lawn but apparently it's a difficult task. Oh well, I can always read while he works. lol

DD had us on standby for the baby last Tues but it was a false alarm. She has been having terrible pain in her upper back & chest since last Sat morning. On Mon she couldn't breath & so they rushed into labour & delivery even though she was sure she wasn't in labour. They checked her out, said that she is experiencing muscle pain & to apply heat while resting. Then she started to have more regular & stronger contractions on Tues & her OB told her during the regular visit that maybe things were starting. No such luck. Poor woman is exhausted from not sleeping due to the pain & is now at the stage where she just wants the baby out. Her due date is June 2nd. I suspect the problem is that it's a big baby & she isn't a big girl. She hasn't put on any weight in the last mth & so has only gained 28 lbs. Her dr told her she could gain 35 as she is very tall. Again, hard to feel like eating when you are in pain. I never experienced any pain like she is having. Lots of muscle pain in lower back & stomach area which makes sense.

What's new with everyone? Dee

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Sat, 05-18-2013 - 8:16am

I hope your dd gets relief or has the baby safely soon.  I had back labor starting at 37 weeks and it was miserable, and ds was also expected to be huge and then wasn't (6lbs 6oz), which surprised everyone. 

DH - any way to offer having someone do the lawn every other time to get relief? I know my dh wouldn't want to give it all up as he's very particular as to how it's done but I also know if I told him he could have someone do it, I'm sure he'd want that option (but also would never find it done 'right'!)

Here - gorgeous weekend, have a retirement party to go to tonight, a memorial service tomorrow, and lots of little chores to get done (laundry, iron, keep cleaning the pool for a party next weekend, getting flowers for outside pots and windowbox, library, return a pool skimmer basket that didn't fit, grocery...). DS came home for the first night last night for summer from college - had to work til after 2am so not sure when he'll be up and about!  Just glad to be off for the weekend - had a very stressful week at work!


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Sat, 05-18-2013 - 9:23am

I, too, hope your DD gives birth soon.  Those last 2 weeks are hard enough without the pain she is experiencing.  My DD #3 was over 8 lbs (big for me) and was born the end of June.  It was a hot summer and I was soooo uncomfortable.  Just let us know when that new grandbaby arrives!

Our long weekend is NEXT weekend...Memorial Day weekend.  I'm also taking Friday off just to take a day off and make it an even longer weekend.  Dh and I can't afford a vacation this year due to having to buy his son a car, I'm just gonna take a day off here and there to just do whatever I want!  :)  We will spend next weekend planting our flowers which is an all day job and we MIGHT try to go camping Sunday night.  Much depends on the weather, of course.

This weekend will find us heading out of town this afternoon to dh's cousin's daughter's high school grad reception.  (2 1/2 hour drive).  We then will spend the night at a motel, then drive to his 2 niece's grad reception tomorrow afternoon.  (Luckily, they are having it together.)  It's a beautiful sunny day, so I'm excited to hit the road and be with dh and his family.  We live in a condo, so no lawn to worry of the reasons we decided to buy a condo.  We both work full time and would rather have fun on the weekends (short road trips, whatever) than do lawn work.  Sometimes I miss it, but for the most part I don't.  We looked at a garden plot at one of our city parks to rent, but, after looking at it, decided it was too big and more than we could handle.  If we were retired, it would have been great, but retirement is a long way off for us unfortunately. 

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Sat, 05-18-2013 - 1:59pm

Went for a bike ride this morning.  It is going to be in the 90's  (32) both days this weekend so  outside activity is best done in the morning.    Then I did my regular grocery shopping trip.

DD3 just called, she is in the area so is going to stop by.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to watch the new Star Trek movie with DH, DD1 and boyfriend,  DD3, DH's co-worker and his wife. 

Later in the day DD2 may be coming by. 

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Sat, 05-18-2013 - 7:19pm

Well, it's been a good & a bad weekend.

We had Mom here & got her to help plant our garden. She used to love being outside-she always had flower beds to die for, but of course, not in the Residence. She grumbled about being 'slave labour'-but she had a good time. When we took her back, we stopped & got a rose to replace one that didn't make it over the winter, & then to the local greenhouse to get some bedding plants (annuals). All of that was "Good"

After dinner I lay down for a bit-started thinking about Adam & how 4 weeks ago tonight we knew he was failing & I dropped off to sleep & dreamed about him. I woke up crying. <sigh> I know he's in a better place-but it sure is different without him here.

So now I am going to go out & finish planting & get my mind back to the good things. The garden is a big patch of dirt right now-but I like flowers mixed with the vegetables-so those are showing themselves. The lawn needs to be cut-maybe tomorrow? Elspeth & Enrique are coming here on Thursday-so it would be nice if there was trim lawn between the dandelions! If Mike is too busy, I will certainly cut it. I think we are to have rain for a lot of next week.



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Sun, 05-19-2013 - 1:53pm

Here we are midway through our long holiday weekend.  We will have our sons come to dinner tomorrow instead of today.  Maybe Christine will join us, but she only will find out today if she has tomorrow off or is working.  Ray is off to the train club.  it's the first day of the season where they open their doors on Sunday to offer train rides to the public.  The weather is not very, cloudy and some rainfall expected off and on.  So who knows how many train ride enthusiasts will be arriving at the park to take the train ride. 

As for me, I don't have much planned for the day.  I did recently learn that the pain in my knees is from a newly diagnosed case of osteoarthritis.  Totally unrelated, of course, to my polymyalgia.  I saw a physiotherapist on Thursday last and she has given me a series of exercises to strengthen my leg muscles which have become very weak over the months with the pain of polymyalgia making it painful for me to even walk.  I spent far too  much time sitting or lying down and knew that my leg muscles were weaker.  So here's hoping that the exercises will help get me moving and having less knee pain?  I'm also now taking an anti-inflammatory med. to help reduce the pain. 

The weekend is not very eventful here.  The weather isn't all that nice either.  Yesterday wasn't too bad with some sun and a bit of rain, but today it's downright chilly, cloudy and with occasional rain showers. I hope Elspeth and Enrique are enjoying nicer weather in Montreal.  I'm eager to hear how they have been enjoying their time there!