Kevin Richardson - Lion Whisperer

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Kevin Richardson - Lion Whisperer
Sun, 03-30-2014 - 4:39pm

I came across this man's story in the latest copy of Reader's Digest.  So went looking online for some Youtube videos and if you type in his name on Youtube you get quite an array of videos to choose from.  I looked at this one

His relationship with these lions reminds me of the story of Elsa the lion, and Joy and George Adamson who reared her from a cub, and I read their book Born Free when I was a teenager and was fascinated that a lion could be brought up by humans and have such a loving relationship.  So too this seems to be the case with the lions that Kevin Richardson knows (has known from their birth, apparently). 

Reading these stories, seeing these videos and it makes me wonder and wish that we could have such wonderful relationships with such a wild animal.  I think it is because we do have domestic cats that we can transfer our wish to cuddle with a lion (or my wish, anyway!). But my, such huge creatures!  I remember reading in Born Free that if Elsa put her head in Joy's lap that Joy wouldn't be able to get up - wouldn't be able to lift Elsa's head off her lap - it was so big and heavy!