Let's have an update

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Let's have an update
Fri, 07-25-2014 - 10:27am

What is everybody doing? Are you too busy to post, nothing noteworthy to mention, or something in between?

Will you be doing anything fun this weekend?


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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 10:58am

I'm in the "something in between" category. Been keeping busy with usual kind of stuff with an occasional change of pace activity.

On Wednesday we drove to the desert to visit FIL for his 91st birthday. Normally we don't go over there at this time of year because of the heat but this year he couldn't come to SD for health reasons. OMG it was so hot! It was "only" 104 when we arrived and we stayed in their house all day. When we left at 6:30 it was still 112F/44C and stepping outside felt like walking into an oven. Supposedly yesterday was worse and got up to 116F. Uggg, poor them.

The reason FIL couldn't come to us this year is because about a month ago he suffered a lacunar infarction or "mini stroke". Fortunately he was with BIL (who is a radiologist) who recognized what was happening and immediately took him to a doctor. We visited FIL a few days after the incident and at that time he was very spaced out but now he seems back to normal. The only lasting effect seems to be the loss of the memory of some words, and he is working with a speech therapist to relearn them.

Our weather here near the coast has warmed up and the humidity has arrived from the "monsoons" to the east. We plan to take the bikes to the island this morning in hopes that it will be cooler there. Its overcast with tropical clouds and I heard what sounded like thunder but its not supposed to rain here. With the heat there's a lot of watering to do in the garden. We're on voluntary water restrictions and I think they are about to impose mandatory restrictions so trying to strike a balance.

The only plans for the weekend are to eat out on Saturday night. I made a reservation at a "gastropub" restaurant that I've been wanting to try for a long time. Basically, elevated pub food. Across the street from the resto is a newish apothacary-style bar that we may check out after dinner. These places are a little too far to walk to but there are so many new places opening within easy walking distance of ~one mile. Last Friday we walked about 6 blocks to a micro-brewery where Enrique tried a pint and we got dinner from the "gastro-truck" parked in front. Then we walked to a newly opened beer tasting room that's closer to home, where we each got a small pour of their beer. I don't really like beer so much of this is wasted on me, which is probably better for my midsection.

Next week my ds is coming to visit for several days, he arrives on Wednesday night. No idea yet about his schedule or even if he is staying here the entire time....but we haven't seen him since March so I'm looking forward to however much time I can get!

There's my update, please share your news. Hope everybody has a good weekend.

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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 1:58pm

Kind of in between. A lot of hurry up and wait at work.  Was in Wisconsin last Fri-Mon, going to Michigan 7/26-8/3 which looks to be a lot cooler than STL, so been trying to fit everything we might need into limited luggage space.  Also clearing out livingroom, diningroom, halls, closets for hardwood floor redo (bedrooms are next summer; I didn't want to have to move EVERYthing and then come home and have nowhere to be without a ton of instant work); they start Monday so I spent last night trying to move some furniture to our 3rd bedroom while dh did all his mowing and trimming outside. Tonight we tackle what I couldn't move myself; about 10 pieces, a big oriental rug and runner.  We leave in the morning for BIL's 'getaway' house, hoping dh won't spend a ton of the week working on stuff, and it'll truly be a vacation.   If nothing else I'll grab ds and we'll do fun stuff, or if both the guys want to work, I'm bringing 2 books I want to read!


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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 7:22pm

I was in Canmore this past Wednesday and Thursday, visiting Susanne.  But it just so happened that Nina, her immigrant friend from Russia was coming back to Canmore from being away for about three years on her island in the Bering Sea.  Nina is a landed immigrant but had to return to her island home to care for her mother who is quite elderly and failing in health.  However, it was imperative she return to Canada within a certain specified time to retain her immigrant status.  So she arrived on Wednesday and while I'm not sure of the rules regarding immigration, she hopes to go back to her island in a couple of months because her mother is totally now dependent on care and there is no one except her son and DIL to help out in this regard, but cannot do it full time.  Anyway it was nice to see Nina again. 

Nina is half Aleut native and half Russian (well fully Russian in status, but I'm speaking of blood heritage).  She has taken a keen interest in creating Aleut native crafts.  Few Aleuts are doing this - she actually may be the last of the line of Aleut crafts persons.  She takes the native grasses of her island and splits them to make very fine material to weave into baskets...small baskets, actually.  It is very fine work and it takes quite some time and skill to make a basket.  She also likes to make Aleut dolls and on her return to Canada she brought and modeled for us an Aleut style dress that she had sewn herself, in a style that used to be worn by Aleut native women in the past.  She used leather and suede (as would have been used by native women in the past) though of course the leather she bought is commercially sold.  But she used some red-orange leather and light beige coloured suede panels, placed horizontally and stitched together to make a long dress and with long sleeves.  She added soft brown seal fur to trim the hem, the sleeves' edges and the collar of the dress.  There are also little mink tails decorating the panels.  And between some panels are decorative weaving of the two colours of the leathers.  On her head she wore a band made of circles of woven grasses and trimmed with seal fur.  And then from that hangs longish strings of small beads and ending in tufts of seal fur.  It's too bad I don't have a photo of her wearing this.  It's quite impressive! 

As a gift she gave me a broach she made which is similar to the circles of woven grass and fur on her headdress.  I'll include a photo of that, as I was able to photograph it when I came home yesterday.  It is actual size in the photo, just to say.

Not much happening here this weekend.  Ray has to spend the two days of this weekend at the train park...for some special event.  Our boys will probably be here for supper on Sunday as usual.  I may go and get my new glasses which are ready for pick up.  I got two pairs (for the cost of one!) -  never owned two pairs of glasses before - one could have been a pair of prescription sunglasses but I decided not to get that - so I chose another pair of regular glasses.  Only the second pair are a bit more 'in fashion' (!) - for the first time in ages I bought plastic frames (in a pink-red colour!).  The other frames are metal and not so unlike what I've had before.  But my other ones will be well...nothing too outlandish, but certainly more 'in style' as to what's the 'going thing' these days.  I wonder though...which ones I'll end up prefer wearing more often?  Imagine, having two to choose from each day I wake up to put my glasses on!  LOL.

I think that's it for this post. Have a good weekend, everyone!



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Fri, 07-25-2014 - 7:35pm

Nothing fun this weekend.  In addition to Bree, Layla was here 3 days this week, so NOTHING got done.  Rae was shopping for interview clothes, and then went on her interviews.  One school interviewed her 3 times, and then told her they will need to talk to her current employer if she wants to be in the final running.  This particular job is in the town she is (now) living in, 15 minutes from her home, and is full time.  So, what could she say?  My boss doesn't know I'm looking?  It's 4 weeks before school starts and he'd have to replace me not only as a teacher, but as the department head?  When he finds out I'm not living in Chicago anymore, he can have me fired immediatly, so if you don't hire me I'm screwed?  Of course not.  She said sure, go ahead.  And now we wait. 

Today I cleaned all the tomatoes that were ripe so far, and it made one pot of sauce.  So we had pasta for supper.

Ed is working this Saturday, so I will use the time to clean house.  If it doesn't rain like the weatherman promised, which I've been waitiing for ALL DAY with no luck, I will have to water tomorrow.  I'm also working out catering for Rae's bridal shower, which will be at our home, the Saturday before Labor Day, from 11-2, because people are going out of town.  (I wasn't consulted about day or time, just "can we use the house, & can you split the bill")  Within the next couple weeks I have clean for THAT (windows, etc), spruce up the landscaping, wash the deck and patio, & at the last minute, hide all the baby and toddler stuff so 40 people can fit in here, and then haul it all out again the next day.                      

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Sat, 07-26-2014 - 7:34am

  I survived another July.  My two busiest times at work are June/July and Oct/Nov.  Drives me crazy going through it but I do have a felling of accomplishment when it is over.

  No plans for the weekend.  Going to be a hot one,  right at or just below 100. Going for a bike ride this morning and another one in the morning. 

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Sat, 07-26-2014 - 1:52pm

  Ended up not going for a bike ride as I discovered I had a flat tire.  Worked out well though.  I have been curious how long the bike rides I have been taking in the morning  before work are so I walked it using a pedometer,  just under 7 miles.   The reason I have been riding my bike more lately is they opened up another section of the hike and bike trail, much more fun than riding on the road,   but there were still a few gaps.  Tonight is the official opening of the new trails so the gaps will be finished. They were working on it this morning. 

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Sat, 07-26-2014 - 1:56pm

  Double post

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Sat, 07-26-2014 - 1:58pm

  Triple post

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Sat, 07-26-2014 - 7:40pm

Finally-I can reply! Been  trying for days-literally!

First-Sabr-I love your flowers, I've never tried Coneflowers, but maybe I should. And your Granddaughters are very cute!

Our weekend is quiet. I should be packing-I have some boxes upstairs-but not assembled. I have the paper here too. I thought maybe the "Packing Fairies" would step in-but so far, not had any help. Guess I will have to do it with just Mike's help. <sigh> Our house no longer belongs to us on Sept 30-so next week, probably on the 5th, we are going to go buy another one-in Midland. This coming weekend is a holiday weekend-plus our 45th wedding anniversary, so we'll go after that.

For our anniversary, I got Mike a kayak-& all that goes with it. He found where it can go in at Midland, & I thought it might be best if he got accustomed to the new sense of it in the familiar lake here. So he's had it in the water off our dock-& is learning how to do it. He's always canoed with the paddles like kayak paddles-but this is lighter & I guess much faster than the old Sportsman Canoe. He's pleased-I guess after 45years, it's good to get him something really nice & fun.

As well as packing before we move-I have several projects that should be done enough that they won't get lost in the kerfluffle. I have a quilt I started for my newest sister-in-law's granddaughter-I should at least get the top together so it is one big piece & not a 'kazillion' little pieces. Plus my BFF from high school called & asked if I'd help her out-her first grandchild is due in November & Peggy found a Christening skirt from 1874-used by her grandfather & she wondered if I could make a bodice for it. We decided a top-but not attached to the skirt (it's too fragile to sew)plus an underslip & probably a fancy bib & maybe a cap. And since she was my best friend-I started to knit a Christening shawl (as well as the sweater for myself & socks from the yarn specially dyed for Adam). Peggy lives in B.C.-so this should be done too before Sept 30.

So nothing special to do-but lots to keep me busy!! I shan't be bored!


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Mon, 07-28-2014 - 10:44pm

Goodness, I can't believe that July is almost over & it seems like it was only yesterday I was complaining because June was so cool. My life is a bit out of control these days & I have been missing in action while trying to find my balance again. I brought the grandkids hone for the first 3 wks of July and was lucky that my DS1 come for the first 2 wks to help. He is trying to get his fill of the kids before he heads back traveling in Sept. The last week was more exhausting without him & the weather wasn't the greatest  I managed to fall again down the same stairs where I fell the end of March on the kids last day. So now I'm in an air cast with a sprained left ankle. Dr said there was a lot of previous damage & so he was being more aggressive with the treatment. It's great that I can take it off at night but it is a challenge to run after Fynn with it on. I had a week to rest after I fell as the other grandparents were able to cover for me then last week DD put Noah in day camp so I only had Fynn to worry about. Noah has gone to cottage with his other grandparents this week & Fynn is back home with Poppa & I..Sabre I'm not sure I could handle 2 little ones together. Noah is very good. & helps wih Fynn. She is very easy.  Sleeps well & is content to play by herself some of the time. 

I am loving being with the kids & I found it really hard to let them go home when I fell but I'm definitely not liking my SIL any better with long term exposure. He works really hard at his job & helps a buddy who has a  construction co on the weekends but at home he does little but yell. He can't even put Fynn to bed if DD is out. She freaks & he gives her to me to calm down.  So I get very little downtime at their house DD does all the cooking, cleaning, outside work, bills & childcare. Some of the problem is  because she is a control freak & is the only one who can do it right. Only area she totally let's go is with the kids & I. She said she feels I did an excellent job of raising she & her brothers so why would she tell me what to do wih her kids.  Although, it's also ok if I do the laundry cause she really hates that job.  It's so hard living in someone's house & keeping your mouth shut. I have made a few comments to DD & I really expect to eventually lose it with SIL one of these days as he forgets Noah is only 7 & is always yelling at him. He has done it so much that Noah basically ignores his Dad when he yells. The dui court date is Sept 16th and I pray that he gets off after the almost $14,000 they have paid this lawyer. 

DD is trying to arrange for her MIL to babysit every third week so that I get some time off. DH loves his grandkids but he isn't too happy about me being gone for weeks at a time which will happen once school starts Plus I still want to do my Hospice volunteer work & the latest committee I joined is taking hours of my time as the simple role of keeping a spreadsheet of the donations for the Xmas event has turned into me taking a project mgmt role In addition to being co chair for the donation committee. Our little town puts on a free Santa Day that is attended by over 10,000 people which is almost double the town's population. The event has been run by the same 3 men for the last 14 yrs and they aren't doing it this yrr & everyone is new.  the chairman has no large event experience just thinks she has. Runs meetings without minutes so never remembers who commits to anything, what was decided, etc then gets angry because our committee shows up with summary reports, detailed questions & identifies gaps. Oh well, it's my first venture into small town politics & I'm learning a lot along with meeting some really nice people.

We have more family changes coming up. DS2 & his wife are moving into a 4 bedroom house this weekend. They are renting this with another couple & I hope it works out. DS1 & his partner leave on Sept 10th for Thailand the heading to New Zealand in November. They expect to be there for a minimum of 2 years. I'm so glad DS1 has done this in stages. I don't think I could have handled his leaving for 2 yrs if he hadn't been gone now for 3 yrs with the time between visits home getting longer & longer.  

I hope everyone is having a good week & better weather than we are having. It's more like Sept here with temps in the 60/ during the day.  Dee