Long weekend in Canada?

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Long weekend in Canada?
Sun, 06-29-2014 - 9:51am

With Canada Day occuring on Tuesday, do many people make it a 4-day weekend?

Long weekend or not, will any of you be celebrating? 

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Sun, 06-29-2014 - 11:28am

Celebrating quietly...
My son and I moved to a new city not quite two years ago.
I depend on public transit and because there is no service I won't be going too far from home. Don't really mind.
Might check out a few yard sales...;)...

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Sun, 06-29-2014 - 1:29pm

Most people are working on Monday. It is not a holiday;only Tuesday is. But July 1st is a big deal. Most cities and towns have some kind of activities planned, funded in part  by  the Federal government..

This city, being the capital, Canada Day is a big deal. There is the big event  downtown, centred around  the Parliament Buildings- live music,  fun activies for the kids,  fire works after dark, cultural performances etc..  Plus there are events scattered over the National Capital Region (Ottawa & Gatineau, P.Q.) at the larger parks and in the various museums. 

We may check out what is going on here because downtown is just a zoo; wall-to-wall people. There is free bus service and many people take advantage of it. 

Each year, in a large park near here, there is live music, rides for th kids and fireworks after dark.  Our kids will probably go downtown to the Hill.

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Sun, 06-29-2014 - 5:15pm

There seem to be a LOT of people taking the extra day (Monday)off. (we aren't-but then, as retirees-EVERY day is a holiday-LOL). I'm actually hoping we can get through the bank & grocery store on Monday without too many crowds. We'll leave early & try to be home before noon.

As for the celebrations-we might go to the local park for awhile, there are celebrations there. And we'll see & hear fireworks around the lake both Tuesday night & Friday night as Canadians & Americans celebrate their special days! Cottagers from both countries seem to try to outdo one another every year!


PS-Nightangel-I didn't realize you were in Canada-which area are you from? I think you put us almost equal in number to the Americans on the board! Dee, Teadrinker & I are from Ontario; Shirley is from Calgary. Welcome to a friendly group of ladies.

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Tue, 07-01-2014 - 5:12pm

Is it Tuesday?  My goodness, I am confused about the days!  But I do know it's Canada Day.  Ray is off to the train club to help run the trains for the public to ride.  Outside of Sundays which are usual days that the public comes to ride the trains, this holiday in particular is a day for the public to come by and ride the trains.  So I am home alone.  No big plans for any celebrating.  Ray will come home and we'll have a barbecue supper.  It's a gorgeously sunny and warm day here.  We may get to eat out on our deck!

I feel I am still recuperating from the trip I took with Susanne this past week, from Wednesday to Saturday.  It was a good trip but a bit tiring probably to do with my aches and pains more than anything else.  Susanne enjoyed teaching the three classes in the mornings.  I got to participate in those and that was fun enough.  The weather was not very cooperative though.  It was very rainy on Thursday, and then cloudy and a few showers on Friday and then cloudy, windy and COLD on Saturday!  However, it is a beautiful part of Alberta - tall mountains, the Waterton lakes and the many meadows around with so many kinds of wildflowers!  For 11 years the village of Waterton has hosted this "Wildflower Festival" at this time of peak blooming and people come to participate in all sorts of classes regarding wildflowers and informative hikes and art classes in that vein.  I was amazed at how many wildflowers do grow there that I saw.  I surely didn't see all the 1,000 and more varieties of wildflowers though!  I was so glad to be there to enjoy such gorgeous scenery.