Mid-spring weekend

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Mid-spring weekend
Sat, 05-11-2013 - 1:35pm

What's going on this weekend? Any get-togethers for Mother's Day on Sunday? Will you have nice weather to get outdoors?

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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 2:07pm

It will be a lazy weekend for me, but not by choice. Whatever I did to my back last weekend got worse during the week so I saw my doctor on Thursday. I'm taking a Rx NSAID, and muscle relaxant at bedtime. While they seem to be helping its still painful, plus I need to let it heal completely before I start doing stuff---I want to be pain free for the trip to Montreal. The doc said if it wasn't significantly improved by Monday she would give me oral steroids but I don't really want to go that route.

Dh will be painting the repairs to the plaster so maybe I'll "supervise".

As for the Mother's Day part, no hoopla here. Mother's Day in Mexico was Friday and we called MIL but we're not going over there. I imagine that the kids will call at some point on Sunday. Dh gave me a gift this year (usually he doesn't), a Breville coffee maker with grinder built in, it can be programmed to make a single cup (of up to 17 oz) or a carafe. The cookware store was having a sale last weekend so I got it a week early and have been using it this week, trying to get the settings right for a perfect cup of coffee!

The weather here is lovely and warm and is supposed to last over the weekend. 

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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 5:46pm

We are doing Mother's Day tonight.  I do not like the crowds at restaurants on Mother's Day and my favorite restaurant is closed on Sunday so  it works well. 

No other plans for the weekend except for normal stuff.

The weather is beautiful, high about 80 for both days. 

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Sun, 05-12-2013 - 10:42am

Let's start with the weather on Mother's Day here in wonderful Ontario - it's snowing as I write this!!!! It is May 12th & we are getting snow. It has been knowing for the last 45 mins. I'm glad I brought in my new hanging plants last night. It wasn't calling for snow only rain & temps in the high 30s.

I met DD for an early dinner last night. She decided to visit a friend who is 45 min from her house & so I drove the 75 mins to meet for dinner. We had a nice visit. We rarely spend time alone with just the 2 of us now that we are so far away. DH sulked because he wasn't invited but was ok when he learned DGS wasn't going to be there too.

My DIL sent me mother's day wishes on fb & my DS2 send me a text msg from their honeymoon. They return tomorrow & are back to the real work of work & school on Wed. I expect I will hear from DS1 sometime after noon due to the time difference. DH decided to move our regular Sat night steak dinner to tonight & gave me a pretty card. I received a wonderful combined Xmas/Birthday gift from kids & DH just before the wedding. They gave me an ipad mini which I love but I have been told that is the end of my toys. Apparently, I have too many with a laptop, ereader, ipod & now the mini which can replace all of the previous items but I'm finding I'm still using my laptop - like now for major typing. My ereader to read outside & my ipod for listen while walking or working.

Happy Mother's Day to all, Dee


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Sun, 05-12-2013 - 4:55pm

Saturday was taken up with Susanne's visit.  She came in on Friday but stayed over Saturday.  More often than not, Susanne's visits mean the opportunity for her to do errands in the city.  Living in Canmore is expensive...a small mountain town and everything either costs more to buy there (and there are  not big discount stores) or there just aren't the variety and number of stores as well to shop at.  She also likes to have her car tuned up by a certain mechanic fellow here in Calgary who she's known for years and brings her business to. 

So Friday and Saturday was taken up with me driving around the city to where she needed to go to get this or that on her list.  It also afforded me the opportunity too to do a bit of grocery shopping as well.  I do the driving when she's in the city - she isn't comfortable with driving in the city - the large volume of traffice intimidates her...whereas I have no problem whatsoever.  I also enjoy driving - so I get us around the city.  We also got to eat two lunches out which is always enjoyable.  She left to go home in the late afternoon on Saturday. 

It was however a bit much for my knees as it turns out.  Just that a number of days ago I felt that the swelling in my knees was disappearing.  But after two days of gadding about the city which involved more walking than I normally do these days (even if much of it was driving...there was lots of walking and standing too) and so now today my knees are back to being somewhat swollen again.  Not painfully so, but I find they feel stiff with the swelling and slower to walk with that. 

Today Ray is going to cook two chickens on our barbecue's spit.  Otherwise, I figure we'll have cooked potatoes and some vegetable.  Not that I'm planning to be doing the cooking, so it depends what Ray and our two boys who will be here this afternoon...what they decide to make for the rest of the meal.  Not that I've heard whether the boys will even want to be a part of the meal-preparation?  I suspect they will stop and get some flowers for me....I  have no idea what gifts they may come up with!  Christine is working today so cannot join us for supper.  She did phone me and wish me a Happy Mother's Day and with a declaration of love for me. Smile  So that is the day so far. 

It's sunny and very windy today...and quite warm.  It has been so dry here, just no rain at all for weeks on end, that there is a ban on outdoor fires which we Calgarians are usually allowed to do, many of  us having fire pits in our backyards.  But with the super warm dry windy conditions now, any fire spark could set off grass fires or worse, I guess.  With wind blowing like that, it would just fan the fires tremendously.  

But the trees are beginning to put out their new leaves and some trees their flowers.  Susanne and I were driving home yesterday and we could see the forest of poplar trees near the Bow River all with new tender small light green leaf shoots showing - it is such a pretty spring sight to see that.  Such a pretty 'haze' of light green foliage seen from afar covering all the trees.

So that's how the weekend has been unfolding here so far.