Mid-week blahs

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Mid-week blahs
Wed, 04-24-2013 - 2:19pm

Its a chilly dreary day here, and I'm in a matching mood. The electrician has finished the indoor work, and I'm waiting to hear from Plaster Guy when he can start patching the holes---it may be as soon as tomorrow. There's a ton of cleaning to be done, much of it kind of pointless because PG will just make messes in the same spots. There's always plenty of stuff that I could do, and several things that I should do, but I don't feel like doing any of it. Maybe a strong cup of coffee will perk me up?

How is your week going? 

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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 2:53pm

Same feeling here, it's a dull, gray, cold & rainy day here. I'm trying to figure out our income tax. I used to know all of this stuff but DH has done it the last 4 or 5 yrs & it's frustrating me now. Wish he would agree to just giving it to an expert to handle as my brain isn't used to this much thinking!

We will head to the curling club for cards tonight & so I hope to perk up before then or it will be a long 3 hrs. Maybe I will grab a latte to wake me up. Dee


PS: 2nd attempt to post, why is this not working again. grrrrrrrrr

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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 6:26pm

The weather is pretty nice although quite a bit colder than normal for this time of year.  My co-worker has lived here over 30 years and does not remember it ever being this cold in late April.

We are hitting the time of year when work is starting to pick up,  not overwhelming busy but a full busy day.

Stephanie has another chemo treatments tomorrow. 

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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 8:49pm

Weather is nice here in NYC.  Ready for my news?  1) dh (math teacher) wanted ME to come up with some fresh new ideas that he can use to teach.  His students are low income & mostly minority & many don't have the resources to connect with the outside world.  Yet they still have to pass the New York State Regents.  So dh is saying how can I relate real world problems that use coordinates, axis, angles, graphing, you got it.  I'm telling him, I haven't used this since 10th gr. in high school.  So he's telling me to sit down, starts explaining the stuff to me & I'm looking at him like whoa! this is over my head!  You're expecting ME to understand this after 42 YEARS!!!  Then I understood his dilemma - his students are thinking the same thing.  "Why do I have to learn this stuff"  "I'm never going to use it",  I don't want to kjnow it"  BUT they still have to pass the New York State exam or else fail the course.  So I drew a blank because I couldn't come up with anywhere that you actually need this.  Shows you how good I was in geometry - not.  I was better in History.

Next - Had my car inspected today.  It passed BUT the horrible news is I need a front engine pipe = $1,275.+ tax.  YIKES!  I'm unemployed & certainly don't have the money.  We have 2 cars & I was willing to sell mine & take dh to work every day + pick him up.  He disagreed & said to put it on the credit card & he will pay for it.  My car is 9 yrs. old & has 70,000 miles.  When it rains, it pours.  Can't wait for dh to retire from teaching so we can sell both cars & get 1 NEW car - my new car will be the Toyota Prius or any hybrid car.

Well, that's it for my mid week blahs