Mid-week check in time

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Mid-week check in time
Wed, 06-26-2013 - 9:29pm

What's everybody up to? 

My ds was here last weekend, from Saturday morning until Monday evening. I spent time with him in little chunks of an hour or two here and there and feel like I got a decent visit with him. We'll see him again in a month, both he and dd will come home for FIL's 90th birthday party which we will host in our backyard.

This week is zipping along. Not too much to show for it somehow but here it is Wednesday night! The garden is doing well, there's a zucchini large enough to harvest and a bunch of tomatoes and cucumbers have set fruit. Our weather is heating up, today got into the mid-80s and was a little more humid than usual---although nothing like what some of you endure so I'm not whining! 

Nothing special for the rest of the week that I know about, although we were invited to a retirement party for the wife of somebody we know through dh's work. I never saw the e-vite but for some reason I suspect its this weekend. What gift do you take to a retirement party for somebody you don't know? I'm thinking that this couple doesn't drink so a bottle of wine might not be right. There's also a concert in the park across the street on Saturday evening, in case we're not at a retirement party!

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 9:49am

No ideas for a retirement gift-unless it might be a gift card for a bookstore or craft shop you think she would enjoy?

Our mid-week project is to begin the final cleanout of Adam's room. It has been just over 2 months since he died. We've 'diddled & dawdled' in his room, tomorrow has been decreed as the day to give his clothing to St Vincent de Paul (chosen because they give the clothes-not re-sell them). So we will finish sorting & bagging it all, & on our way into town tomorrow morning, drop everything off. Over the weekend (a long one here in Canada)Mike will put the new tires on the wheelchair & then we will call Community Living & ask that they pick up the w/c & the electric hospital bed. Our grieving won't end-but the reminders will be fewer.

My garden isn't as far along as yours Elspeth-I've been picking greens-lettuce, spinach, chard-& we've been eating it & frequently giving it to Mom & her dinner-mates. My peas & beans have flowers-so there is hope. The tomatoes are growing bigger as are the potato plants-beets & onions are there...weeds love me most of all! But I guess the best I can say is that I enjoy my time out there. I had just started to garden again last year, it wasn't a spot Adam could reach-so I can go out there & it is a place without memories. He watched me, he rolled his eyes at my exclamations of joy-but he wasn't physically there, so I am able to be there & be away from most of his 'ghost'. So the garden is a good place to be. (It also helps that is beyond the Pugs collar range!)



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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 9:52am

Jammed my finger at vb last night - ouch! Lovely shades of purple today; good thing we don't have a game next week due to the holiday!  Otherwise very hot and sticky, heat index over 100 come noon or so, weekend is supposed to cool down.

Our art museum is having a grand opening and we opted to be members so ds20 can go whenever and do the member stuff. Hoping to go to that event for a bit, weather permitting (might be wet both days). Having lunch with a friend too.

DS20 had lost his valeting job and quit lifeguarding (was doing both for a bit) and interviewed at a little butcher shop yesterday (old type; no sawdust though) and texted that he was hired in 15 minutes and starts today. Hopefully it'll be a change of pace. He's taking an education class this summer too that will count toward undergrad hours and grad credit so hopefully on track for graduating next May and continuing for the MAT. No gf any more so back to wanting one, I'm sure...

Gift - groupon to local venue or restaurant?


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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 11:59am

I took my first class at a yoga studio last night.  I've been doing yoga for years at my gym, but my instructor just retired and I wanted to try doing yoga at a studio instead.  As soon as I walked into the studio, I breathed in that spa-smell of bamboo and lemongrass and massage oils and thought, "Ahhhhh - I want to come here and smell this all the time!"  I signed up for a package of three classes so I could try out different instructors and times. I took a class in Yin Yoga - holding postures for 3-5 minutes - which was...interesting!

During my first year of self-employment, I spent a lot of time on wellness and prayer.  My second year, practically none, I am sorry to say.  This is my third year and I am trying to bring my experiences into balance to allow proper time for spiritual and physical health as well as serving others.

20yo DS is off the grid in Peru.  Supposedly he will reconnect on Monday.  18yo DS is in her first week as a summer camp counselor and LOVES it!  I'm thrilled on so many levels - she is learning things such as that quality people (the camp directors) attract quality people, that it's possible to be so busy that you never notice physical discomfort (a BIG eye-opener), and that she really does enjoy working with kids (validation for her choice of career as a music educator). 

DH has been keeping 13yo DS busy with helping him around the house and showing him the joy of working hard and being useful.  So far they've laid down soil, grass seed & hay; trimmed the bushes; cleaned out all evidence of 7th grade; and today they are moving furniture for my MIL who is having her carpets cleaned.  Not bad for the first four days of summer.

We discovered the TV series "Once Upon a Time" and have watched it every night.  I love it when we all discover a series together.

Re retirement gifts:  a gift card for a restaurant to celebrate, or a gift basket of yummy foods?

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 8:18pm

Re: retirement--I'd go for the restaurant gift card and let the person choose his or her own yummy foods.

And you sound so much like my good friend Sophie who also thrives on a combination of yoga and prayer, and who taught me the value of mindfulness.

BTW, my 18 yo's dream job is camp counselor. She wants to apply to the camp she spent a summer at a few years ago as soon as she can; they require a year of college before they'll consider you, but even then, it's pretty tough to get hired there.

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 10:14pm

Thursday already, and tomorrow our eldest Ds, Michael, is leaving to go back to Berlin.  The two weeks he's been here went by quickly.  He kept busy enough, but we spent some time with him too, of course.  Nothing like having your vacation cooincide with a major flood in Calgary, though!  It ended the music festival he had a ticket pass to attend (a 4 day affair).  But all in all I think he enjoyed the time he had here.  Saw friends, and family and went to Edmonton to see another friend there, did some shopping. 

Ray has been home since the flood...no power in his office building downtown and so he has managed to do some work from his computer here at home.  But tomorrow is his last day of his contract, and I believe the building will have power back and he wants to go and get his stuff he has in the office there.  We'll drive to the office after we drive Michael to the airport. 

The weather now is beautiful, sunny,  not too hot and a nice breeze these past few days. Dd still does not have power in her apartment so can't go back there yet.  But she's been helping friends with the clean up and recovery of their own flooded apartments/homes.  The restaurant where she works may be reopening soon, so she may be back to work as a result. 

No big plans for the weekend as such, though Ray will be spending possibly two days at the train club as it is open the two days (Sunday and Monday, the latter which is Canada Day) and offering rides on the ride-on train, to the public. 


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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 3:39pm

Thanks for all of the gift suggestions. We ended up with a bottle of wine lol. Dh said we didn't need to give her a gift, the husband (who attended dh's 60th bday bash) didn't bring him a gift, but agreed that we should bring something. If they don't drink they can pass it along.