Mid-Winter Musings...

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Mid-Winter Musings...
Tue, 01-14-2014 - 4:08pm

Well, this has nothing to do with winter as I could very well be musing this in any other season, but it is winter....so....

4 years ago I made a poster for my Dd's 21st birthday.  It comprised of quite a number of photos from birth to pretty well recent at the time, with some bit of caption under most of them.  I used a coloured poster board, put the photos on some rectangles of coloured paper and affixed them onto the board.  I also printed from the computer "Happy 21st Birthday, Christine!" and affixed that to the top portion of the board.  Well, that poster still hangs here in the room where I type.  It is the closest thing I've done to Scrapbooking and I've just never got around to taking down the photos from the board, etc. 

So today I was looking at the photos, as I passed the board on my way out of the room.  Just about all the photos feature my Dd (some with my other children was well) and most of the photos, save for a few candid shots, were posed, though not all look stiff and unnatural.  But of course my Dd is smiling in all of them.  And my goodness, she's sooooooo cute from baby to young woman!  And it made me think how photos such as these are of course, not the 'whole picture' of a young life or put in another way, the life of my Dd in our family.  In fact, there were A LOT OF TEARS and upset that the photos don't show!  That probably could be said of any of my children - though we have tons of photos taken during their lives growing up and I doubt hardly any of those photos will show the total reality of our family life! 

But anyway I am grateful for their sweet expressions, their darling looks in those photos of their youth.  Even if I forget the pain and difficulties of parenting all those years ago, I can look at these photos and bask in the good times they show, false as they may be in a way - not totally false, but in not showing that which was not so pleasant!  

And who would have thought then that these photos would be such a treasure to look at so many years later.  Now that my kids are grown - we don't take many photos of them anymore.  I guess we wanted to capture their years of growing and changing...and their cuteness? LOL.  Makes me think I should also guard against waxing nostalgic about the photos of them as children and appreciate them for who they are today.  

Have any of you made scrapbooks of photos of your children?  I don't think I could ever have the patience to sit down to do such a big task as that.  We put our photos (non-digital ones of course from way back) into photo albums.  We've got quite a lot of them and someday my kids will have to fuss (or fight?) over them when we are gone (or  maybe before that?) and when they want their childhood photos.  We did always have a second copy made of all of them when that was in vogue...you know, get a second copy at the same time you had the roll of film developed and printed?  So at least there are two of each - giving two of my children a chance to  have each one should they wish. 

Okay, enough waxing nostalgic!  Did this little essay of mine generate any of your own thoughts and feelings about photos, your children, the past, etc.?


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Tue, 01-14-2014 - 5:51pm

My father was in the Air Force-but his job in the RCAF was as a photographer-so he took lots of pictures-especially of his first-born child. Lots & lots of pictures-& my mother put them into an album not too long ago. Not only was I his oldest child, but my 3 kids were his oldest grandchildren-again lots & lots of pictures. And those went into the album with me-overflow went into another album.

She put the pictures of my sister & brothers into separate albums-though it's kind of sad, kids #5 & 6 don't have enough to have their own albums-not full ones anyway. And when she moved into the retirement residence she gave us all our own albums. Alas-such energy is not an inherited quality-I have pictures of my kids here-boxes of pictures, somewhere.

The only one I kept in an album were Adam-but only because we were only going to have him for a little while. I thought if we had to give him up before he turned 4 (then 5-then 6)-he'd need pictures to confirm the vague memories he'd have in his mind of the first family he'd had. Of course, by the time he was going on 7-we knew he was ours forever-bad habits started to sneak in again & his pictures are in the boxes with the rest! Nothing like being treated equally! (I do have to admit-he loved to show visitors his pictures of when he first came here, & he'd say to them how cute he was-modesty was never his flaw!)

Maybe when we move into a smaller house, I can root through the boxes to make albums? Maybe it will be a task for those grandchildren we're moving closer to?


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Tue, 01-14-2014 - 7:48pm

When ds21 was young, we also took a ton of pictures, and our local Walgreens always made double prints.  So we gave a set to my folks as they were 300 miles away in Chicago. They got those little photo books and put all the pics in so we've definitely gone through them over the years - there are a good 15 books or more.  Very fun - haven't done that in a while. But true, they definitely show the lighter moments...


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Tue, 01-14-2014 - 8:04pm

I never got into the scrapbooking craze. I barely managed to get photos into albums. Actually, I was good about it for a time, then not so good, then just put the envelopes of photos into boxes to be dealt with "someday". (and I do know exactly where those boxes are!)

By the time the kids were in high school I think we were taking fewer photos of them in general and these days, well we don't even see the kids very often and when we do I often forget to take pictures--even with my phone which has a good camera.

Sorting through those boxes of photos and getting the best of them into each kids' album is on my mental list of  things to get to eventually, and hopefully I will. As for whether the kids will want the photos, well I imagine that each will want their album to whatever age it goes, but I don't know if they will want to sort through the others. Ds especially is very "digitally inclined" so he may not want paper photos---although he might be willing to scan them/burn them onto a CD for the sake of posterity. A couple of years ago my dd was interested in old photos of Enrique and me, she even scanned some and posted them on FB. But photos of herself as a child? Hopefully she will want to keep them to show any kids she might have one day.

And you are so right Shirley about how the (usually smiling) photos tell only part of the story. No photos were taken during family crises or heartbreaks or upheavals, although there are some images from those times that are etched in my memory. Probably just as well that there are no pictoral mementos from some of those times.

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Wed, 01-15-2014 - 8:14am

I have never done any scrapebooking.  Back in the early 80's I put things in photo albums but then I switched to photo boxes with the thought that I would eventually put them into albums.  But I actually like the boxes better.  There is no organization to them at all so it it fun going back and forth between the different stages of our lives.   About one a year one of the DDs will get them out and we will go through them.

With cell phone cameras and digital pictures we are probably taking many more picture now, we as a whole not just DH and I.  They are of course all on our computers and we have also tranfered a lot of our old pictures to computer also.  DH's goal is get them all done but I do not see that happening in the near future.