A new month is here...

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A new month is here...
Fri, 11-01-2013 - 7:22pm

Will it be a busy one for you? What do you have planned? And can you believe how close it is to the end of the year already?

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Fri, 11-01-2013 - 7:42pm

Pretty busy month, tomorrow I get my car back,  yeah.

Sunday the DDs and boyfriends are coming over for dinner.

Next Sunday the entire family is walking in the Komen Race for the Cure.

Our anniversary is the 21st,  we are leaving on the 22nd for a three day weekend in Dallas.

Have the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the vet center, also a pot luck at work leading up to the actual Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Fri, 11-01-2013 - 8:33pm

November already? That means Winter almost-that means S**W almost-& this year, that means I have to get moving to get more things done around the house. No ignoring the honking big spider's web in the front hallway! Walls to wash, wallpaper to strip & more walls to paint!!

As I've said before-Christmas will be very low-key this year. We'll celebrate, but quietly & at home with whomever cares to join us here.

As an aside, today we all had to go see the family dr. Mike & I & Mom share the same dr-so she came overnight last night & we took her first thing. We had flu shots & Mike was checked, then Mom & then my turn. Dr B & I have an excellent relationship-she is a friend as well as an good doctor. She had always been good with Adam & came out to declare him (even though the poor lady just got home from visiting her own family in B.C. late the evening before). We told her about our plans to move & she is very supportive-thinks it is time we did this for ourselves. So that was good to hear-Mom is annoyed at us, which is understandable but I have a brother & sister who live here & are going to have to do more for her. I needed to know we aren't being selfish-that someone else thinks it is right.

So bring on November-let's get this whole Winter thing over with! Mid-November we are going to visit our son who lives in the area where we hope to move-he & our dil want to show us around so we can see for ourselves what the neighbourhoods look like. We can't afford to move until we sell this place-but we need to see what we are hoping to get into! I've already "ordered" a s**w free winter-so let's see how that goes! LOL


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Sat, 11-02-2013 - 12:44am

So far there are just a couple of things on my calendar. The first one was dinner tonight, our annual Dia de los Muertos meal. I make chicken in mole (pronounced moe-lay) and un-refried beans and calabazita (zucchini) and tortillas, and Pan de Muertos for dessert. In the interest of full disclosure, I use a prepared mole paste that I thin with chicken broth and add ground Mexican chocolate from Oaxaca to taste. The beans I make in the crock pot with dried beans and spices and mash them there (thus un-refried) and the calabazita is from my garden. The tortillas and pan are from a local Mexican grocery. I didn't want anyone to think that I spent all day grinding chiles and spices, and baking etc lol. Anyway, we had that for dinner tonight.

The other thing coming up is Thanksgiving. We had been leaning towards not having a real dinner and instead going hiking that day, as we did last year---and really enjoyed. However, my ds called to say that he and gf are coming to town that week Monday until Friday. We probably could go to her family's big get-together---which frankly sounds a little overwhelming since we have barely met her mom---so we'll see about that. Dh's parents just got a new Camry so if they want to drive themselves here then I will make the dinner at home and there will be the 5 of us. So, how we will spend TG is still up in the air.

So far that's all I know about. Things have a way of coming up. Calm and quiet is good for me!

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Sat, 11-02-2013 - 2:02am

I was just telling Ed today, "Can you believe Christmas is only 8 weeks away???"  Sheesh, I don't know where it went. 

Thanksgiving is still up in the air.  Rae's fiance, Anthony, wants to cook, have his extended family over and break the baby news to everyone at once.  I gather this is a family tradition, even tho some already know.  They don't spill untill everyone is together.  So that would mean Rae cooks and eats there.  I know Lolo would prefer to come here, but since I've told her that Thxgiving is not as important to me as Xmas, they may go to Will's family. 

This Sunday, both girls are running the Hot Chocolate 15k!!!  Ed thiks it's bad for Rae & the baby, but her dr said since she's been a runner for years now, it will be ok as long as she's not running at competition speed.  I suspect this will be the last one for Rae till after the baby since she is at 16 weeks now.  They have to be down at Grant Park BEFORE 7am, and if Anthony can't take them, I will.  Which means leaving home before 6am.  Not a fan.  Not sticking around either, since the race will take over 2 hours, and the last race I went to with them,  it took me OVER an hour just to get out of the parking lot at the end of the race. The race sold out, so there will be over 75,000 participants, volunteers and spectators downtown Sunday.  Must be why they picked a day the Bears aren't playing. 

When I can get Ed to do a dump of my phone photos, I'll post a pic of Bree in her Minny Mouse costume. Biased I am, I think she was ADORABLE.  We just got me a new desktop--an HP running Windows 7.  I still don't know how to use everything, and so am at his mercy for a while!  My old one wasn't EXACTLY on death's door, but I did worry that all our pics and music would be lost if it went belly-up unexpectedly, and I am still leery of storing stuff in the Cloud..

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Sun, 11-03-2013 - 1:45pm

Today we are having the usual Sunday family dinner here, though Christine cannot make it.  But we will also be celebrating DS3's birthday which is actually on this coming Wednesday.  I baked a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert as I do believe cheesecake is one of Eric's favourite cakes...otherwise he's not big on the traditional type birthday cake.  We also invited for dinner our close friends, a couple who live here in our community. 

The rest of the month...well...  I expect at some point this month that possibly the stained glass windows Susanne designed and were made jointly by her and the stained glass expert in Nova Scotia will be installed in the church in Banff.  I would like to be there for the 'unveiling' so to speak.  But I have yet to hear when the windows will arrive at the church, having been shipped from the stained glass studio.  There is talk of them arriving this month, but no word on exact date yet. 

Susanne likes to have an American Thanksgiving dinner at  her house (an affair where each guest will supply a dish for this).  I assume this will happen on November 30th since she likes to make it on a Saturday.  We are as usual expected to participate in a 'show and tell' by bringing something to show or tell about.  It's been a challenge to keep everyone's show and tell to ten minutes duration since there are enough guests that at that rate, we still will need to devote over an hour to this.  I  have no idea yet what I will show or tell... I could write up a short essay on the Nova Scotia stained glass studio experience from my point of view.  Maybe.... not sure yet.

Otherwise, I have no particular other plans for November.  Sometimes I can't see beyond a week at the most.  I find it  hard to even consider doing big house projects now.  My knees hamper me doing a lot and I get discouraged knowing this.  Not that we have to personally do such big projects ourselves (painting and some repairs) but well....  In truth I'd rather not even have to think about these things...making decorating decisions and the like...not my forte.



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Sun, 11-03-2013 - 3:30pm

The first big thing is this week - a followup interview for a possible job switch.  The new owners at our current place don't seem to care about future R&D, just want to buy places and sell their current products.  Not sure there's much of a long term vision there. So I put out a couple of feelers and this is a 2nd interview at one place (completely different industry but still project manager). I've been where I am since '90 so it's very hard to contemplate leaving because of the people, but it just seems like the new owners are a bit short-sighted.

It's MIL's birthday in 2 weeks so we'll go to her place and order Chinese at her request (not sure if all 24 from the immediate family will be here/come in, but the locals will go).  Then it's our 25th on the 25th; nothing planned but dinner as we might travel next year (UK) plus we're still working on our den redo.

I think that's all the major excitement - we'll go to MIL's as usual for Thanksgiving; got email Friday saying two of the nieces and SIL will do the cooking - which got ds21 to say he wants to cook at Christmas - cool!  Glad he wants to, for the crowd! (should be all 24 people for Christmas; likely 21 for Thanksgiving and 20 for MIL's birthday)