Praise the Lord, my son was home & not injured in explosion

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Praise the Lord, my son was home & not injured in explosion
Mon, 04-15-2013 - 4:28pm

My husband just called to tell me to turn on the TV - I'm still in shock about the explosions at the Boston Marathon.  Finally spoke to my son & for those of you who don't know, he works for Liberty Mutual Insurance (corporate headquarters) & the explosions happened right where he works.  Thankfully (can't praise Liberty enough), Liberty Insurance closed their offices today & my son stayed home.  He lives across the river in Cambridge.  He said Liberty closed down because of the marathon & it would be chaos with the crowds.  My prayers and thoughts are with the victims.  As a parent, I must admit, it's a scary feeling hearing about this knowing your child lives there.  I'm sure thousands of parents who have students at nearby universities are dealing with the same feeling.  Like elc, you want your child to live independently, build their career, live their lives even if it means thousands of miles away - until something like this happens.  Then it's the feeling of why is your child so far away - we can't protect them 24/7, but as a parent, it's the one thing you want.


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Kathy, I'm glad your son is safe. It is frightening when we can no longer hold their hand when they cross the street. My DD was concerned as she has a close friend who she expected was working at the Marathon. Thankfully she was not & she is fine. It's so frightening to think we live in a world where someone can turn something good into something this horrible. Praying for all those people & their families who were affected by this tragedy.



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Good that your ds was home and nowhere near the explosion site. And fortunate that the other bombs did not explode before they were found. Will his workplace remain closed while they investigate? Is he nervous about being in Boston now?

My dh has run the Boston Marathon 3 times, I accompanied him twice and walked over the finish line on the day before the races so I know roughly where the first explosion took place. On the day of the race its so crowded in that area that I didn't even try to be near the finish line; for blocks and blocks around the area it is a sea of people, very hard to move through, truly the largest crowd I have ever been in---supposedly more than a million people are in the downtown area alone during the race. The potential for damage to people from something like this is incredible.

I'm curious about who did this, and why....I wonder if we will ever know?

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Add me as one who is also relieved that your son was not there today, Kathy.

I wonder who did this? Why? What they were hoping to achieve? It all seems so senseless. I know our Peds dr (used to be Adam's dr)dd ran in this several years-he was so proud of her, they'd all go down to cheer her on. Hopefully they will figure out who is to blame quickly & stop any further bombings.

Sad state of the world we live in-fear seems to be so prevalent.