Rainy morning

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Rainy morning
Thu, 07-11-2013 - 11:34am

Yes, here in the land of the 6 month dry season, we're getting some rain this morning. Not enough to actually water the yard, just enough to mess up the car and patio furniture! If the sun comes out later it will be disgustingly humid. We've had tropical clouds overhead a lot for several days, yesterday I don't think the sun ever made it through so it stayed comfortably mild. Hopefully this bit of rain will make it to our local mountains where they're trying to finish putting out a wild fire that started last weekend. On Monday it jumped out of control and 100+ structrures were lost, mostly cabins at a Shriner's camp but also a historic lodge.

I'm stuck here waiting for the phone repair guy. Dh's phone line went out a few days ago and this morning was the first appointment; dh is off on a job so I'm the designated person...I guess this is why I get the big bucks---not!

Lots of indoor chores have been getting ignored while I work on the garden...I've been trying to get the front yard looking good in anticipation of the guests for FIL's party in a couple of weeks. Yikes! A couple of weeks! So lots to keep me busy here.

What is everybody else up to today?

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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 11:45am

Wow on the forest fires - how scary and tragic.  It's always hot and sticky here in the summer; even before a rain and most definitely afterwards.  We've been pretty wet (poured/thunderstormed yesterday from before dawn til about noon), to where we haven't needed to use the backyard sprinkler (have irrigation in front). This morning it was 77 with 78% humidity; it's now 78 with 52% humidity but that still feels sticky, and it's going to 87.  I do not like St Louis summers!

Not much going here - work is pretty slow this week and I'm getting fed at lunch today and tomorrow at work so that's kinda nice. Got the Sedgehammer down last weekend to help control the sedge/nutgrass; hoping it stuck before it rained a few hours later.  Obviously with all our wet, our plants are going crazy, so it's time to trim and thin.

Watched Any Day Now last night (DVD) - what a movie.  Alan Cumming did an amazing job. The movie is hard to watch and a touchy subject for some, but I'm very glad they did make it.  Otherwise hoping to see Despicable Me 2 tonight with ds just for fun at an old local theater while dh is at a dinner/meeting with ham radio friends. Weekend looks quiet so far; hoping to do chores and read and jump in the pool.


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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 4:44pm

Today has been a lovely mixture of sun & cloud-but the heat & humidity that has made us uncomfortable has definitely been lowered, so it's been quite nice.

I had a great start to my day. I had a dentist appointment but not until 11, so I finished knitting Mike's sock while I had my coffee, then went out to water the garden & gather some greens for dinner. Fortunately I took a phone with me because it rang at 9:05 & a voice said "Oh Dear-Nora?". It was me-& it was the office calling to say my appointment was at 9-not 11.OOPS-they'd fit me in at 10-but I live about 45min away, I was watering in my housecoat & I had to shower & dress yet. I took a minute to cut 2 rosebuds for him & his staff-even though they'd not met Adam-he'd made a donation when they read the news. I'd sent a thank you card of course, but thought this deserved more-took in the buds in a bowl & another card & still got there at 10:02!

After lunch, our neighbour came over to spend time knitting with me. Her mother does not do any crafting at all-so Shannon comes once or twice a week to knit or sew in the summer. We both enjoy it. My grandchildren all live away-so this is a nice substitute-for both of us!

Forest fires scare me-hopefully our very rainy Spring & Summer will save us from that danger. Stay safe Elspeth.


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Thu, 07-11-2013 - 6:29pm

Let's try this again.  I wrote a reply post to this post earlier but I (and the post!) got bumped off before it could post.  Basically said I was 'not authorized to post a comment" (hmmm..really???)

The heat wave we experienced a short while ago (with humidity added, I must say!) has been replaced by nice warm and non-humid weather (sunshine all the way).  We don't get much rain here in July and August.  Even if we have a day of rain (like we did this past Monday...and it wasn't all day, but most of the day) if the next day is hot and not much humidity, then the sun and dry air seem to suck out whatever moisture there was in the soil and we are back to dry looking lawns as well as flowers that need watering.  Well, I will take dry over extreme heat and high humidity any day!

I went to my physiotherapist this morning - she reviewed my exercises - checked to see if I was doing them correctly and gave me praise for continuing to do them daily and the good results - my legs do seem stronger.  As for the knee pain, the Naproxen is probably helping to decrease that but chances are the leg muscles being stronger are also helping in that way.  So I am to continue as I was doing and also to try and slowly increase the amount of walking I do...5 times a week and maybe a bit longer in duration as time goes on. 

My sister and BIL are coming to visit next Monday...will probably be here for the 5 days.  They are driving in from Kelowna, B.C.  No big plans of what we might want to do together.  My sister has offered to help me do some house projects that I could use help with  (due to my knee difficulties).  But maybe we'll do some fun stuff together too while they are here.

That's the latest!