Summer happenings?

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Summer happenings?
Sat, 06-01-2013 - 1:38pm

Its now June so I think we can say that we're in Summer (even though there are still 3 weeks until the official first day). Do you have anything special happening in the coming months? Father's Day will be in a couple of about graduations, weddings, or other celebrations? Travel or any fun activities?

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Sat, 06-01-2013 - 1:59pm

I don't expect Father's Day to be much of an event here, since both of the kids live out of town. In fact, Enrique might be out of town on that day. He has some business travel to the Midwest in the week before and he's hoping to spend the weekend with a friend who lives in the area.

In late July we will be hosting FIL's birthday party, as usual. This year he turns 90 so its a bigger deal than usual, and a couple of dh's sisters will come from far away to help celebrate. I wouldn't be surprised if some other relatives decide to come too so we might have a larger than usual crowd. We already know the basic menu, a re-run of dh's 60th birthday party. We probably won't know until the last minute how many relatives want to stay at our house. So the weeks leading up to the party will be very busy with preparations.

Ds hopes to come for a weekend visit at some point but no idea when. I don't think dd can afford to come visit--even if we pay the airfare I don't think she can afford to not work.

So far, that's it. No travel planned. 

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Sat, 06-01-2013 - 2:42pm

  Father's Day is actually coming early to our household.  DD3's birthday is the 14th, then Father's Day the 16th but she will be gone that weekend so we will be celebrating them next weekend.  Dh's bithday is July 3rd.   My sister, DH and nephew will be visiting late August.

 Aside from that summer will pretty much be a bummer.  Stephanie has 9 more weekly chemo treatments, ending on Aug 1st.  A few weeks after that she will have her surgury. 


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Sat, 06-01-2013 - 4:10pm

No summer plans yet-I've barely begun to think about it, though! This is the first year in many that we could even begin to consider travelling-so we are going to have to give it careful thought.

I hope things go well for Stephanie, 'nester. How has she been feeling lately? All the news about Angelina Jolie going through the Double Mastectomy made me think of the decisions your dd has had to make-without the fanfare, (or Brad Pitt at her side) of course.



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Sat, 06-01-2013 - 5:32pm

Stephanie is hanging in there.  I was not able to go to chemo this week.

The drug she is taking now is much less harsh on the body, she has been able to return to work the next day but it is still very tiring and now weekly so less recovery time.

DH said on Thursday she was saying that her eyes are sore, she is ot able to wear her contacts.  The nurse said that it is a side effect and recommended a gel that is supposed to help.

She has lost some weight but seems to be holding pretty steady to her new weight.  She started out at 114.    Her new set weight is about 108, she will got a little below that after a treatment but them goes back up again.

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Sun, 06-02-2013 - 7:15am

"Vacation" with dh, ds and 13 others in his family this week - not sure how that'll go but as MIL is 82 we figured we should do one of these once. Very skeptical about the place from what I've read online...  Then dh and I will go to Wisconsin for some car race spectating next month, and we will go on our usual Michigan vacation at the end of next month.  We got a couple groupons, one to take dh to a place with putt putt and go-karts for Father's Day, and another for him and ds to try 9 holes of par 3 golf a couple times.  Hope to get to the zoo, science center, some restaurants, some local car shows (one today)...


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Sun, 06-02-2013 - 1:21pm

Well, our summer has a few things already on the agenda.  First of all, in mid-June our eldest ds, Michael comes to vacation here for about two weeks.  That will take us to the end of June.  Perhaps in early July or so my sister and BIL may come here for a short visit.  They live in Kelowna, B.C.  A day's drive would bring them here. 

Somewhere closer to the end of July I may be going on an artistic trip with Susanne.  I'll try to make the story to this short.  Susanne received a Canada Council for the Arts grant which will enable her to create two small stained glass windows for a church in the town of Banff.  The two windows are to represent the newer territory of Nunavut in Northern Canada.  All the other stained glass windows of the church have scenes that represent the ten provinces and the Northwest Territories.  Anyway there happens to be two small windows in the church's vestibule that can be replaced with designs in stained glass that Susanne will create.  The church itself did not have the funds to pay for Susanne to do this work, hence why she applied for a grant.  Susanne does not know how to do stained glass (and not just the simple version with pieces of coloured glass between lead, but the kind you actually paint on glass as well, which she wants to do).  She found a woman in Whitby Island off the west coast/Seattle who does such sort of stained glass work who could help Susanne create her windows. 

So Susanne would like company to go there.  She asked me if I'd like to join her and I said I'd go along - it could be really interesting to see this process of stained glass being made.  We may drive there from here, so we'd share the driving and the costs.  She'd probably need to be there for around ten days at least for the whole process.  We expect to be back here by early August. 

And we'd need to be back as Ray and I have a wedding to attend on August 9th.  This is the wedding of the daughter of a friend of ours here in our community. 

By August 21st we have to be at a port in Vancouver to board a cruise ship for Alaska.  Two friends of ours, a couple, who live in Ontario will be on this cruise too.  Actually it was their idea to go on this cruise.  We said we'd join them as we've been wanting to do a vacation of some kind with them for a while.  This will be our first cruise!  While our friends will fly to Vancouver, we'll drive from here...probably stop to visit my sister and BIL in Kelowna, along the way, and then maybe even fit a short visit with a cousin of Ray's who lives in Vancouver.  

So that are our plans so far for this summer.  Oh and next weekend, Saturday, we will participate in a community wide garage sale.  Ray and I spent yesterday taking boxes down from shelves high up in our garage and opening the boxes to see what was in them (well, we knew pretty much that they were mostly all toys!).  Most of them will go for sale at the garage sale.  What a lot of work that was.  And I bet there's plenty more stuff I could find in my house (cupboards and closets) that could go in this sale, but I just cannot get to doing all that sort of work for this sale.  Maybe for another garage sale some day! 

So those are our much as is planned at this point.