Terrible flooding in area.

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Terrible flooding in area.
Thu, 10-31-2013 - 11:09pm

My town I think got 7 inches,  offically others areas as much as 12 inches but I have heard higher numbers some people rain gauges.  Because the area sits on rock bed so it is hard for water to soak in, major rain almost always means flooding.

The full extent of how it effected me is, a couple of power spikes last night, TV going out and having to take a different route to work.

DD2 had a lot more issues.   The storm caused the fire alarm at her apartment complex to go off. To get away from the noise she went through the rain to wait it out in her car until they got it fixed.

Because of the flooding there was a 2 hour delay at the school she teaches at.  Even with that she was still late because of all the road cloaures.  Only  about 40% of the kids made it in.  On the good side she got off early, because of the road closures the principal let them leave as soon as the kids did.

A lot of other people were not so lucky,  a lot of evacuations last night and rescues last night and today.  On of DH's co-workers lost his house. 

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Fri, 11-01-2013 - 2:24am

'Nester, I'm glad that your home and those of your dd's didn't have any water problems. I saw some photos of the flooding such as the interior of a home with water up to the door handles, and lots of washed out bridges and roads.

How often does it flood there?

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Fri, 11-01-2013 - 7:31am

As I said because of the rock bed issue it does not take a lot of rain.   Almost anytime we get rain there are flash flood warnings.  Many of the roads in low lying areas or bridges over creeks have gates that are closed when it apears that they may flood, that is why I had to take a different route to work I pass over one of those bridges on my normal route.

Lack of rain is more of an issue than too much rain here.  But I would say on average once a year we have major flooding in the area, by major I mean affecting houses and not just water on the road.   This storm did not affect my town much, but about 3 years ago we had some major floding, evacuations and loss of homes.  About a mile from my house is a Memorial Park.  In the park is a torpedo on display.  In that storm the torpedo acctually ended up floating down the creek that runs through the park.