Thank You-& P & PT please

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Thank You-& P & PT please
Wed, 04-24-2013 - 8:39pm

I've read your kind words about our devastating loss-for which I thank you all.

And I ask for you Prayers & Positive Thoughts for us tomorrow-the most horrid day of our life begins at 2pm EDT-we chose to have a very short visitation, the service & then a short reception after it. Internment is Friday morning at 10am EDT. Somehow we will get through this-but I admit-I don't know how. The kids have been amazing-each in their own way. And all the kids, their spouses & our grandkids will be here for the next few days-plus Mom & varied & assorted other relatives & friends.

We managed to do it our way-he slipped into a coma Saturday, & we spent the time stroking him & talking to him & telling him how very much we loved him. My sister brought Mom here Sunday morning by about 7am & Adam just stopped breathing at 9:05am. It took about 2 more hours for everything to be done-which sounds awful-but really, it was enough time to say goodbye. Because it was a death at home, the Paramedics, then the police-they called our doctor to come & then they called the funeral home-but everyone was discreet & kind.

He was a special young man-he never outgrew the need to tell us he loved us, daily we heard that. And now there is a hole in our lives. We are lucky to like one another-& to have one another for support. We will survive-but first there is tomorrow & Friday.


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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 8:52pm

Oh, Nora, I'm so sorry.  My heart goes out to you and yours.  (I'm out of town on business and haven't been able to get on since Saturday)  Take it slow and lean on your support system.  Take care.


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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 9:01pm

I'm grieving along with you.  Just take it slow, attend a support group & you will need plenty of time to get thru this.  My prayers are with you and your family.


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Thu, 04-25-2013 - 11:55am

Nora, we will be sending you hugs and "stay strong" vibes today and in the coming days. You are in my thoughts as you go through this very difficult time.

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Fri, 04-26-2013 - 2:20am

Been not visiting the board for a few weeks.

I am so sorry Nora. Words escape me. You and your family will be in my thoughts these next few difficult days, weeks and months.