Thanks for the dog input

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Thanks for the dog input
Fri, 06-27-2014 - 11:13am

Sorry for the delay in responding but my ipad wasn't working with ivillage these last weeks. Had to wait until I got home to my laptop to post this. My original dog help post seemed to be duplicated within its self & the edits I did never worked. Then my 2 thank you notes in the post didn't take, grrrr.

Anyhow, I had totally forgot about a muzzle. I don't like them but it's better than having to get rid of the dog, so she wears one when the baby is out & about. The problem is definitely jealously. The dog is fine with the baby, will go up to her to be petted & lick her hand as long as I'm not around. The min I am in the room then she starts growling & snapping at the baby. She will jump at the baby if I pick her up. Unfortunately, neither of them are learning their lessons. When the muzzle is on, the dog feels submissive & baby runs to pet her but loves to grab her nose. The muzzle doesn't go on until the dog growls & snaps at baby. Neither of them seem to get the message to stay away. Advantage is that I'm getting lost of exercise running after the baby & moving her telling her no, no. She knows it is wrong as she will laugh and run for the dog so it has become a game. So I have started time outs with her.

It's going to be a long 2 1/2 wks as I have brought the kids back home. DH wasn't enjoying the single life but I'm not sure he will like the invasion of the kids much more. I miss my own home & bed. It's great being with the kids but very exhausting. They will return home for a week and their other grandparents will come each day. Then apparently, I will go back down while Noah goes to camp for a week. Still working on the rest of the summer. I love this special time with the kids but I am missing my own life. Didn't realize I had one, lol. We will see about changing this to 3 days a wk come the fall.


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Fri, 06-27-2014 - 7:49pm

Dee, glad that you've found a fix for now. Hopefully with time the dog will become less possessive and Fynn will stop seeing it as a game and they will learn to coexist safely.

I'll bet you're getting tired! You went from zero to sixty in terms of nannying, I did wonder about your "previous" life like your Zumba classes and the volunteer work, and of course poor Ian being home alone so much. Often it takes time to find a balance. How is it going spending so much time around your SIL? Whatever happened with his DUI problems?

Will Sandy and SIL come up on the weekends to see the kids or will they use it for some private couple time? As much as you love your grands I suspect you will be relieved to hand them over at the end of the 2.5 weeks.

Sending you "stay sane" vibes LOL

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Fri, 06-27-2014 - 11:38pm

I'm glad the muzzle is working, and hopefully, as Fynn matures, she will learn to treat the dog nicely. 

Speaking of time outs--I've had to do that now with Bree, too.  She wants what she wants, when she wants it, or she has a tantrum.  And in our case, it is not the dog she wants, it's baby Layla. " *I* hold her!!  *I* feed her!!", and then my favorite, "YOU no touch!!!",  She also has taken to running around the house shouting "Can't catch me!!".  So when I DO, I march her to a corner, and stand over her till the wailing stops. 

Part of the problem is that Lolo spoils her, and she freely admits it.  She feels that since it will all come to a screeching halt in a couple months, when little Eddie is born, it isn't that serious.   I  think she will have a tougher time than if she starts to put her foot down before the baby comes, but what do I know???  Fun times. 

And as for missing your own life, *I* feel that way sometime, too, and on top of that, we ain't spring chickens anymore!  At least here, I get to unwind for a couple hours, and sleep in my own bed.  I don't know how you do it.  Giod Bless!!