Travel Advice, please

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Travel Advice, please
Mon, 10-28-2013 - 3:04pm

Where would you suggest going if London or Amsterdam were your starting point & you wanted to spend 10 to 14 days overseas during first 6 wks of 2014?

Ok, most of you know that DS1 is currently in Holland. He is living outside of Amsterdam in Lijnden. He wants us to come overseas sometime in the first 6 wks of 2014 which is when his partner has a break from school. He isn't fussy if we actually go to Holland but wants to meet with us somewhere if we don't go there. He has just visited Prague & Brussels in the last 2 wks on separate trips with great deals they got locally. They both appealed to me but aren't an option as he has been.  I know we want to go to Britain - at least London for the sites as DH hasn't been & likely to Dover where we have friends. It's a cheap flight from Dover to Amsterdam. But I'm not really sure where else to go as nothing really grabs me when I think about it except for Russia & DH refuses to go there. We can't do a lot of bus or train trips as DH has bad motion sickness & he isn't comfortable driving where he doesn't know where he is going. I know that some of you have been to Spain which we might do but only if we rent a condo as DS1 wants to hit the beach. I love seeing the past in many forms.

I have to admit that neither DH or myself are very adventurous. He loves different food but I'm fussy & we are both really shy when we travel. Neither speak a second language. Ouch, no wonder DS1 says we need to expand our horizons. Thank goodness 2 of my 3 kids have travelled a lot outside of the normal hot spots DH & I head to in the Caribbean.


PS: I need to keep our trip simple as DH stresses. We are driving to Florida on Nov 15th & he is already grumping about what could go wrong.