Valentine's long weekend

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Valentine's long weekend
Sat, 02-15-2014 - 12:08am

Belated happy Valentine's Day wishes to everybody. Any cards or flowers or chocolates in your day? I got dh a card, and some store-bought apple turnovers for dessert. We don't usually have dessert so that was a treat. Most of the day was spent on choosing a health insurance plan and then getting signed up in time but now we should be set with a pretty good plan.

Its a 3-day holiday weekend in both Canada and the U.S. Will you have Monday off from work? Do anything different on the weekend? Or will you be hunkered down with the latest storm?

I'm hoping to get a planting bed amended on Saturday morning and get the dahlia bulbs planted. Sometime in the afternoon my SIL arrives, I will give her a ride to the airport and she is leaving her car in front of our house for a week. Dh is a guide for a hike in the desert, and since he will be about an hour from his parents he will go for a visit with them after the hike, then return home late. Our anniversary is Monday (36 years!) and to celebrate we are going out of town on Sunday, driving about 3 hrs northeast to the area of Joshua Tree Nat'l Park. We're staying in a motel and will spend Monday doing something---certainly going into the Park but checking out the surrounding area too...although that might be completed on Sunday night, depending on how much there is to see! We'll leave for home in the afternoon. What I need to do now is to research the area so we can develop a plan for what to do and when. I have never been to the Park or even that area so that is my "something different" for this weekend.

I hope you all have a good weekend and keep warm and dry.

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Sat, 02-15-2014 - 8:15am

I got DH a card and candy, he got me a card and we went out for dinner last night.

No three day weekend here.  DH is actually working this morning.   Not too many plans for the weekend.  We want to see a movie. Lone Survivor.    If DH does  not work too late today then we will see it this afternoon if he does then we will see in in the morning. We have some yard work to do.  If she is up to it we will probably go see DD3s room mate in the hospital tomorrow. 

The only one who gets a three day weekend in our family is DD1. She is very excited as she does not get very many of them,  Even though she does get all the federal holidays off as banks are closed she works every other Sat so to have both Sat and Mon off  is rare.    DD2 is not off but it is a Staff Development Day so the kids are off.  

 They weather is great got into the 80's yesterday and expecting the 70s today. 

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Sat, 02-15-2014 - 9:54am

Happy anniversary! You'll have to post pictures of the park!

DH got me flowers and a card; I got him a card and a CD and some chocolate (we share everything!) and we went out for pizza last night at a favorite local spot (we had a very fancy meal via a groupon last week and beat the crowds as far as that goes but usually don't go out fancy anyway).

I have Monday off (we used to get MLK Jr day off but new owner gives President's Day instead so this is a first) but dh doesn't, so i'll be home, looking forward to reading and doing the usual chores as we're busy today (Sat) and tomorrow.  Today we go on a trolley tour downtown, get taxes done and go to a Big 10 trivia night in town. Tomorrow we see Casablanca at our symphony who will do the score, and then dinner, with dh, ds and dh's mom.  Monday is supposed to be an ice storm so glad I can just stay home!


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Sat, 02-15-2014 - 12:09pm

Ed is working today, and I have housework to do.  Moo is probably not going on past today.  He is getting very thin and weak, and is vomiting and drooling as he walks.  I don't seem to catch it all, and there are dried spots everywhere, so I must mop. Lolo & Will are house hunting this afternoon, and Bree is coming here when they go, so I want to have some accomplished before she arrives.

I also have to track down the people who have not bothered to RSVP, which is at least 20% of the list.  Don't get me started. 

Rae & Anthony are (legally) married, but still insisting they do not want everyone to know, so that their Oct wedding will be the "real" one as far as most people are concerned.  They are coming to dinner Sunday.  We are going to throw puffed rice at them at they come up the walk.  Lolo & Bree are coming too, but Will has to work. 

That's my update.

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Sat, 02-15-2014 - 12:15pm
PS: Ed got me chocolates, which I certainly do NOT need, but which I enjoyed, almost as much as the implication that he loves me despite my weight! I haven't been able to get out, between the weather, my lingering stomach issues, and baby and dog care. I called the kids, kissed Ed, and gave Bree a Micky Mouse doll I found while I was cleaning the basement, and had repaired, cleaned & deodorized. She is a BIG Mickey, Donald, Minnie & Daisy fan.
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Sun, 02-16-2014 - 10:49am

I got Mike a card & a bear with his favourite candy-he had given me a mini-rose plant & a card, plus he'd given my mother a plant of mini-daffodils...which is definitely a bonus in my books. She was thrilled to receive it.

A friend of mine-from long ago nursing school days-came here to help us get through our first Valentine's Day & my first Birthday without Adam. And it did help-I knew it was nice, but after they went to bed, I took the dogs out one more time & came in just sobbing. It had suddenly occured to me that there was no one to remind me that I really was OLD-that while he wouldn't sing Happy Birthday, he'd dim the lights so the candles would show up-but he knew enough to stay away from them with his oxygen. And there wouldn't be a quiet hug later when he'd come to snuggle up & say "Happy Birthday Mom-Love You-even if you are REALLY OLD!" So I'm glad Kathy came-because the breakdown was short-lived. We had taken Mom to lunch-so she felt part of the day.

But now they've left for home-it isn't snowing, so they had to leave while it is clear. And I think the rest of the weekend will be quiet, & hopefully a time to knit & read & relax.

As for reading that you, Elspeth, had to think about planting-I have only one thing to say and that would be PHHTHHHHH. Loudly-I'd say it. (But then I'd say "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY")