Very busy week

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Very busy week
Mon, 04-01-2013 - 8:31am

We have a very busy week. Tonight is the only night we do not have anything scheduled.

Some good friends moved out of state last year and are back in town for a visit.   We are connected to them in two ways, we have been long time friends and we also were in a bible study with them for the last few years.  Tomorrow night is a get together with the people from the bible study group that know them.  Wednesday night is another get together with long time friends that know them

Also on Wednesday is Stephanie's third chemo. That afternoon Charlie and I have an hour long class to explain the genetic defect that Stephanie has and what it means to us and other family members if we also  have it then we will have blood drawn to get tested. 

Thursday night is a pot luck with the bible study.

Friday night it the monthly gathering at the veterans center we are active in.

Sat night we get to go to our first ball game of the season of  the local AAA team.  Before Stephanie's journey we had planned on going to the Astros opening game in Houston last night but now need to save our time off.

Luckily we are still in our slow time at work so the work week should not be too bad.  Today will be a busy day.  I have a truck coming in.  UPS gets there everyday about 10:30  but the trouble with trucks is we never know when they will get there (they have a window of 8-5).  Once the truck gets there it will take 2-3 hours for me to go through it so if it does not get in until after 2:00 then it can make for a long day.   I will be off Wed because of the chem/test but that may mean working a long day on Thursday to play catch-up.  My job is only one person deep, they have a wonderful young man who steps on when I am gone but how much he is able to do really depends on his  time. Some times when I am gone he does every thing and I have nothing waiting for me, sometimes he only does what is needed to prevent production stopping and sometime he does nothing and it is all waiting for me.  If I am only gone one day it tends ot lean towards the him only doing what needs to be done so I expect to have some catch-up to do. 

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 11:01am

I hear you on busy weeks but mine is in the reverse order - work worse than home - 2 weeks ago they told my boss he has to move to the other building and work there; not asked, told.  So as of today we have the changeover to a new boss who was in charge with one product line here and now has both (probably about 40-50 people; added a couple dozen). I've worked with him but he's not like my old boss. And he's in the throes of a huge project release, at the same time I am (different project) and we both need certain resources. Mine can cause a line shutdown so it could trump his, but his is a company goal. Such fun.  Outside of work it's not that awful; I didn't iron over the weekend so I need to do that, and then the usual vb Wednesday night.  But I can definitely relate to a chaotic week coming!


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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 3:21pm

My agenda (remember I just lost my job) 1) spent time today going thru my 401K folder & shredding documents.  2) Need to create a resume (haven't done a resume in 25 YEARS!)  3) Need to visit businesses where I used to work.  One advantage of working a long time in the same store is you get to know the customers & since Staples is basically an office supply store, most of the customers are small businesses.  This will be my networking strategy.  I know they will remember me, so if I visit their business, drop off my resume & ask them to recommend me if they know anybody who is hiring.  Hopefully I will get lucky.  4) I registered for a real estate salesperson's license course.  Trying to expand my options here but during the year I was looking to buy the condo, I felt I could do a better job than some of the real estate salespeople that I encountered.  So I'plan to go into real estate if my job hunting doesn't work out. 


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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 4:26pm

My week isn't so busy but my life isn't so busy as such.  Some of it is a choice to be somewhat lazy (!) and no desire to work too hard at doing housework.  Although my joint issues still are not 100% better and I still don't feel quite up to doing some of the bigger or harder tasks of cleaning.  My knees still feel oddly not normal - especially when I walk.  Not sure why that is so.

On Thursday our friends who we visited in Yuma in March are returning home. (They live here in our community).  They may roll in around supper time, so I told them if they do, to come by and we'll invite them for supper.  Seeing as they will have no food at home when they arrive, I thought it would be nice to have them come here.  So they'll phone us on the road on Thursday to let us now their ETA and if they will be able to make it for supper here. 

I don't have much else planned as such for the week, though.  Since being so incapacitated last year and until recently, I have gotten into a frame of mind and habit to not do a whole lot...not plan to do a whole lot that is because I could not.  But now I have to get back to the frame of mind where I can plan to do things I used to not to out more often to shop or do other things.  I am so out of 'practice' that I even have to remind myself that I can do more than I used to! 

Spring is here and it will be time to move winter clothing to storage and take out the spring/summer clothing.  We are far from wearing capris or shorts and I still haven't worn a lot of short sleeved t-shirts or blouses yet, but perhaps soon?  There is very little snow left.  Just a few patches of it where it's shaded in our front and back yard.  It really melted away quickly in the past week.


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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 9:09am
My week is filled but I wouldn't describe it as busy like it is for many of you. I put the 1st coat of paint on our main bathroom yesterday & was freaking me out as it looked like baby poop. However, it is much better & more like the taupe I was expecting now that it has dried. I need to do the 2nd coat before my muscles remind me that I rarely paint. I have a hairdresser appt this afternoon. Tomorrow I must take my Mom & stepDad to sign new wills & power of attorney's at the lawyers. Their previous lawyer retired after sending them their original docs & they thought they were copies, so lost some of them. I may paint the guest room on Thurs/Fri if I can move but if the weather turns nice then I will likely skip that & try to be outside. Other than this I am making a baby blanket for coming grandbaby plus I have to cut out a vest for Noah to wear for DS2's wedding. It's in the Royal Stewart tartan so I'm a little concerned as I don't like matching plaids. I need to be in a patient mood to start this project. It is Noah's birthday on Thurs but we won't be celebrating until Sat. Hard to believe our little one is 6 & starting gr 1 in Sept. Wishing you all a good week, Dee
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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 9:26am

Good luck...and continued hugs.


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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 12:22pm

My week sounds dull compared to some of yours. Nothing notable until Saturday when I may be volunteering at the Velodrome to set up for Sunday's bike swap meet; and that same day my SIL arrives to visit for a day or two. Not to say that I'll be twiddling my thumbs all week, actually far from it, but its mostly routine stuff. Still plugging away at pulling the weeds. trying to ramp up the intensity of my 3xwk bike rides, trying to get the taxes finished, and working on some house projects. The electrician is coming in the middle of the month to replace most of our wiring and will need entry to the underhouse crawl space and attic, so I have to clear the access points--outside there's foliage, or stuff stored at some points. Inside one of the access points is through my bedroom closet, which is currently a disaster area so this provides the impetus to get it cleared up and organized. So plenty to keep me busy this week.