Welcome October!

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Welcome October!
Tue, 10-01-2013 - 12:18pm

Here we are entering October already. What's on your agenda for this month? Canadian Thanksgiving will be in a couple of weeks, will anybody be traveling for it?

Do you change your home decor with the seasons? If so, have you already decorated for fall?

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Tue, 10-01-2013 - 2:40pm

I did swap for more fall-ish colors for the diningroom tablecloth and runner but otherwise nothing major; will get pumpkins for the porch soon.

We go to Dayton this weekend to a wedding for the daughter of dh's cousin; 17 are going from STL so it'll be quite the group (and no, not going as a group; dh and I are traveling alone, 5, 4 and 3 are going together in their cars, and 3 from Chicago). I was looking forward to the AIr Force Museum...which is now closed...  Otherwise I hope to see Pam on the 12th for lunch!  Not much else exciting - just can't wait for the cooler temps and changing colors - fall is my favorite season!


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Tue, 10-01-2013 - 3:46pm

Yes, I decorate for the seasons.  I change out all the tabletop decor, most of the vases around the house, and the baskets and wreaths on the porches.  Altho with Bree into EVERYTHING, there was less this year than usual!  She had already dismantled one vase.  After I redid it and put it back on the hearth, I was doing some last adjustments and balancing.  Ed said, "Why stress about the looks and moving ONE FLOWER an inch, when it's gonna be in pieces within a week?"  I said, "But for that week, it'll be PERFECT!"

Other than that, Lolo & I are going back and forth on Halloween costumes for Bree.  We're thinking about Minnie Mouse, and then deciding if I could sew it, but I can only work on it at night, after she's left for the day.  Bree has lately become facinated with planes, and points and shouts every time she sees one.  So my other idea was to find her a little white suit jacket, draw on a mustache, and with the curly hair, she could be "Tatoo", going "DE PLANE!"  But I think her Dad wouldn't be amused. 

Rae and Anthony are probably getting married this month, and are thinking about choosing a day that would also be their church wedding day NEXT year.  Because they are getting married at the Arboretum, they want the day to be one of the best for fall colors.  I'm thinking the 18th.  That will be a Sat next year, and the second weekend in Oct is usually the peak color.

http://www.mortonarb.org/whats-in-bloom/fall.html  Check out the pic of Meadow Lake.

And this pic shows you the degree of my obsession with decor...

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Tue, 10-01-2013 - 6:32pm

I don't do much seasonal decorating, with the exception of Christmas, and a few Halloween decorations. When I DO decorate though, it is in the fall. Gourds, colored leaves, cornucopia...even just a bowl of persimmons or pomegranates.

Speaking of pomegranates, dealing with them is on my agenda. This year my tree had a lot of them, and the squirrels and birds thought they were for them, and they were making a mess all over my car with pieces of arils and bird poop. We ended up harvesting most of them but it was too early and most were not sweet yet (or it could be one of those years where they just aren't sweet). Anyway I washed them and arranged them on towels on the kitchen table, hopefully to ripen, but at least to be readily accessible for those times when I get the "urge" to open a few. But what a mess, the skins stain the sink and my fingers a yellow-brown, and so labor intensive. 

I also have to look into changing health insurance now that the ACA insurance exchanges are open. Today the website for my state wasn't responding, don't know if it had too many users or just isn't working properly yet. Trying to figure out insurance plans is not fun for me so I am not looking forward to this, but I'd sure like to pay less than we pay right now.

Other than that drudgery, there are some tentative get-togethers coming up. We were supposed to have dinner out this Thurs night with SIL, niece, and great nieces, but the kids got sick so now its postponed until next week. Instead, on Thursday we will probably go visit dh's parents which is a day long event. We may go up to L.A. one day mid-month if our friend has time to see us on his book tour. 

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Tue, 10-01-2013 - 7:57pm

This year I haven't done much in the way of any decorating-usually I drag out "Mr Bones" & hang him, I had a ceramic face & 2 hands that were supposedly coming out of the grave that I'd put out on the lawn-but they suffered from too many grandchildren picking them up to check to see if they were really dead, & a run over by a lawn mower. And somehow, this year, my heart isn't into anything like that. (I just had a crying jag at the opening song of the first game of the new Hockey season-Adam loved hockey).

Our weather has been amazing-but it ends on Friday. It's going to be cooler & wet-just in time for our company to arrive. So anything we do should be inside!

We are going to spend the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend with our oldest dd in Ottawa, then the Monday with Adam's friend Ryan & his fiancee Betty. So the turkey I have will wait until Christmas I guess. I am to take a salad to Susan's, & I'm not sure what to Ryan's.

And between company & travelling-we are continuing to assess what is worthy of keeping & what must be given away or thrown away. Living for almost 31yrs in one spot means there is a lot of JUNK useful stuff in this house-but we have to decide if it is worth paying to move it all! And I am trying to clean & Mike is trying to fix up...oh well, it means a busy Winter, not much time to sit & mope!


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Tue, 10-01-2013 - 10:46pm

Oh boy, starting this Saturday - it will be a whole two weeks in Nova Scotia with my artist friend, Susanne.  We fly out of Calgary on Saturday at 6:50 a.m.!  I suppose I've already mentioned the reason for our going there?  (I lose track of whom I told the story to or where for that matter).  She has designed two drawings that will be transcribed into two small stained glass windows for a church in the town of Banff .  There is a studio in Nova Scotia where such stained glass works are made with the help of the owners (and skilled crafstpersons there).  They assist artists to realize their designs into stained glass works. 

I am going to 'assist' Susanne - and be company for her as well.  I will drive the rented car and once the windows are done, (supposed to be done in 5 days time!), we will have another week to vacation in Nova Scotia.  Susanne has never been there, (I have a few times) and it should be just about peak time for fall colours there which will be a treat in itself to see - not having those varied bright colours on trees here our west.  We'll spend time on the coastline and see the Bay of Fundy and its famous tidal boar, maybe?  We have places in mind to go and see...but we've settled only on but a few things to see so far. 

I hope to sit in a corner of the studio and get to watch the whole process of making the stained glass windows.  Actually I will probably be asked to take photos with Susanne's camera to help document the event. 

We'll be away from October 5th to October 19th. 

As for decorating...I don't do much of that.  I think I did buy a fall wreath last year...I must go and dig it out of storage, come to think of it!  But I'm not so much into decorating...I used to do some table decorating for the Thanksgiving dinner table, but this year I won't be here for our Thanksgiving dinner! (will be in N.S. of course).  So I don't know - I doubt Ray will cook a turkey and have our children over for dinner.  


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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 6:31am

  The only holiday I really decorate for is Christmas.  I have a couple outdoor Halloween decorations but since we will not be handing out treats this year I will not be putting them out.  Do not want to confuse anyone, Halloween decoration is usually a sign that you are participating.   When we moved here we had about 60 kids.  It  has gotten fewer and fewer every year, both because our neighborhood has aged and there are more organized Halloween events so less kids Trick of Treating.  Last year we only had about 10.  Decided it was not worth it to continue.

A somewhat busy month with things  on the calander every week end but this.  We have an anniversary party for friends celebraing their 30th, a 5K walk for Alzheimers,  helping DD2 move. 

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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 8:31am

(Adding I do decorate for Halloween but not for another couple of weeks - just fall for now)

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Fri, 10-04-2013 - 10:08am

We have nothing out of the ordinary planned for October, just the usual busyness.  We aren't going to Parents' Weekend for either of our college students - we've been to DS's twice and have pretty much done everything there is to do in that town, and we are in NYC all.the.time so have no burning desire to go to DD's.  She however will be home next weekend as she has a short mid-term break.

My only concession to fall decorating is changing the placemats or tablecloths to more fall-like colors.  We decorate in a kind of Arts & Crafts palette anyway, which is rather autumnal year-round.  Every year I would *like* to do more for fall but we are always too busy, and usually I'm just happy if we get to Thanksgiving, where we host 20 people and half of them stay overnight, with a house that is reasonably clean and clutter-free.  Fall is more of a "deep cleaning/buy furniture" time than a "decorating" time for us.

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Tue, 10-08-2013 - 2:08pm

I love October. It's my favourite month of the year. It was always a happy month when I was growing up with Thanksgiving to celebrate along with my parent's wedding anniversary & 2 of my aunts as well. My Mom, her sisters & brother were all married on a Thankgiving weekend, not the same one though as they are 2, 5 & 7, 10 yrs apart in age. In fact, my sentimental DS2 had originally chosen this Sat as his wedding date to follow that tradition. Then they discovered they could save a lot of money on the hall rental by being married in May.

We came home on Sun to see that most of the trees have dropped their leaves but there are plenty of them on the ground for us to enjoy. Well not sure if enjoy is the right word when you consider there are 4 acres of trees that need to have these leaves raked, lol. DH is currently on the roof assessing a leak that has recently been identified. Apparently, we will be picking up shingles tomorrow. I pray he knows what he is doing & that he doesn't fall. It's not a high part of the roof & the slope isn't that steep.

Today is the 3rd session of the grief group I'm co-leading & my 2nd session. I'm sorry I missed last week as they were to describe their loved ones but tonight focuses on the period prior to their loss. It allows them to get some of the emotions out from this difficult period if they were a caregiver. I was fine the first week & able to listen objectively to their stories & hope I find the strenght to do so again tonight. I have to say though that seeing this pain makes me realize just how fortunate I am & how many of my complaints are so petty in comparison. I especially like that this course focuses on the death of a loved one but they also recognize all forms of loss as requiring grieving including divorce, job loss, pet loss, etc..

I'm looking forward to the rest of the mth. I will be back to my zumba classes on Wed, curling will start the end of the mth & I have a few lunch dates to arrange with old friends. My parents seem to have settled into their new lives in the retirement home & so less stress there. My DD has decided that we can't spend Thanksgiving alone & so they are coming up Sat night after they go to her DH's family dinner. Our dinner will need to be at 1 on Sun as we agreed to join DH's family for a Thanksgiving dinner at my BIL's. We will now just be going for desert which I will provide. So from nothing to having 2 parties to attend. Lesson to me, don't whine but be thankful for what we do get.

DS2 has posted a suggestion on our family fb page that DH & I come to Amsterdam for the week before Xmas. Apparently, he has found a flight that will allow us to spend Xmas Eve with them & then leave early enough to arrive back in Toronto in time for dinner at DD's house. Sounds like a great idea. I'm thinking it will be a little exhausting but we will check it out.