What are you doing this weekend?

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What are you doing this weekend?
Sat, 04-13-2013 - 1:08am

Does anybody have anything fun to report for the weekend? How about the weather? Will you still have winter-like weather, or is it starting to improve?

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Sat, 04-13-2013 - 1:19am

I don't think "fun" describes my weekend. The electrician was here all day Friday and will return on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 7am every day. Several of the circuits were off most of the day so no computer, even no internet some of the time. I imagine that Sat-Sun will be a rerun. So I'm trying to do laundry, online bill paying, etc at night just in case. Since he needs to ask or tell us things at various points we're trying to have one of us here whenever he is here.

So, I will probably work in the yard, and try to run to the store. Hopefully make a trip to a local charity shop to drop off donations--when I cleared up my closet in advance of the electrician I was able to cull a lot of stuff so I have a big pile to donate. Dh is training for a 62 mile bike event to be held the last weekend of the month so he will be gone all of Sunday morning on a ride.

We have a DVD to watch one of these nights, too. That's it for my ho-hum weekend.

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Sat, 04-13-2013 - 1:04pm

Elspeth, you have reason to ask if any of us will have winter-like weather, because, yes, some of us still do!  Oy, this weekend we here in Calgary are awaiting snowfall...which should begin later today and fall all night and tomorrow and I think we will get around 15 cm. (6 inches) of the white stuff.  So not the sort of weather conducive to going out to do a whole lot. 

Ray is having to work this evening.  Long story which I won't go into, but his job description has changed due to a big change in the department where he is presently working on contract.  This involves working from 4 p.m. to midnight tonight as a special computer programming fix up - (frankly, I really don't know what his is about  but anyway!).  This leaves me here for the evening doing my own thing...which will include making myself a supper but I don't know yet what dinner menu that will be - haven't figured that out yet.  And I don't  have much in the way of plans for the day today  My knees still hurt enough that I don't plan on doing a lot that involves me walking or standing a great deal. 

Tomorrow being Sunday, we usually expect some (or possibly three) of our children coming to dinner, but I wonder if they will bow out of that since the weather may be too snowy and they may not wish to make the effort to come here because of that.  We shall see how it turns out.  But mostly, because I still don't have the ease of movement with my knees, I just haven't got any big plans for the weekend.  I sure hope the increased prednisone (my doctor told me to up the dose again for the week) will rid me of this knee pain.  I will phone my rheumatologist on Monday to report how I'm feeling and see what he recommends from there on in.


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Sat, 04-13-2013 - 1:20pm

No fun planned here.  I woke up with a stomach bug yesteday.

We had planned  on seeing 42 today but will wait and see it later.

I did do my normal shopping errands this morning but have no other plans.  May be a good weekend to catch up on reading.

The weather is beautiful high in the upper 70's and sunny.

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Sat, 04-13-2013 - 5:05pm
Just got back from my 2nd visit to an emergency room in 2 days with my Mom & so this weekend hasn't been fun yet. Yesterday, we were there for 5 hrs to have her checked out for chest pain she had been having earlier in the week but chose not to discuss with anyone. Then today, my stepdad accidently slammed the car door shut on her hand. Thankfully nothing was broken but I'm exhausted. We are supposed to head to a special dinner party at our curling club tonight. I just want to curl up & go to sleep but I think it will be good for me to get out. Haven't done anything social in about a mth. I was supposed to paint our guest room yesterday & today but that will be delayed until after the wedding. The new retirement home is still not ready & so the owners have decided to place my parents in another retirement home along with 3 other future residents until their home is complete. I think this is a great idea but unfortunately the place they chose is an hr away from me instead of the 10 mins where they are now. They move next Fri & so I will be trying to get things set up for them there as I won't be visiting 3 or 4 times a week. So tomorrow will be spent at their current location going through what is there to decide what they will take & what I will bring back to my place. I am so glad I'm retired. lol Dee
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Sat, 04-13-2013 - 9:11pm

Well, the freezing rain stopped after about 10hours-we were lucky because we did not lose power during it, though, as always, Mike was ready with gas for the generator. We have made it a hard & fast rule-if school buses are cancelled, Adam's Community Living is cancelled-so he was home with us all day. Fortunately he is adaptable-he looks on almost everything as an adventure (except cleaning his room)-so he was fine with staying home.

Today was decent so I went to Fabricland to get "Notions"-no fabric, but buttons & thread & such. And then to Knit Traders where I needed 2 pair of needles for "My" ladies on Tuesday (if you need 2 or 4 needles to knit-why did I have 3 of them in this size? One of the mysteries of life, to be sure)It doesn't sound a big deal-but if I am going out-Mike must stay with Adam, can't go further than the basement. But the weather is to be nicer tomorrow-so he will probably get to the dock & fix it & maybe even paddle a bit.

We have company coming mid-week, Kathy & I were classmates in Nursing, so a very long time ago! So I'm trying to get my sewing done-I can knit while she is here, but not disappear into the sewing room.

Tomorrow (Sunday)should be quiet-I'll do "Adam duty" while Mike gets a break. Mom is going to visit my sister-so we might even have a car-free-day! After reading Dee's e-mails, I am thankful for my siblings!