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What do you think?
Wed, 05-15-2013 - 10:06pm

This morning I was listening to an interview on our CBC radio station.  I didn't catch the name of the person being interviewed but it was a woman who used to be vegan and had published a few vegan cookbooks.  Not so long ago she decided to quit veganism and began eating eggs and I think meat as well.  The reason for this is that she felt her health was being compromised by a vegan diet.  Her menstrual cycles were every two weeks instead of  28 days and she had a low iron blood count even though she took supplements and ate vegan foods high enough in iron.  By the sounds of it, she certainly took time to make her decision to change - but after changing her diet - her health improved. 

What was so shocking (to her as well as to me) was how many angry nasty emails and such she received after announcing her change in her diet.  That is from vegans.  She herself never chose to be vegan in terms of animal welfare, but rather felt at the time that it was a healthy diet.  (but as she found out, over time, it was not for her).  However many vegans villified  her for changing her diet, as they felt it very bad that she was now eating meat. 

Clearly this is a very emotional topic for people who choose a vegan diet because they want to spare animals of being killed and eaten.  They read a few examples of the emails she received.  Not all of them were nasty and mean.  Some were in support of her.  But the tone of the nasty ones were downright shockingly mean!  Wishing her to get cancer and whatever!  As this woman found out, she learned who her true friends were.  As she said, she's not against anyone choosing to be vegan, but she feels everyone has to make their own choice and she felt she needed to change her diet for  her health. 

Seems to me when emotion is tied to one's way of eating, or for that matter any sort of way of being (political, religious or whatever as examples) that there is a hidden or underlying subconscious reason even unknown to the person holding those opinions or beliefs.  When people wish death threats on someone who doesn't agree with what that person believes - that is just way crazy over the top!