What's up this weekend?

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What's up this weekend?
Sat, 03-23-2013 - 12:46pm

Is anybody doing anything fun this weekend? 

Not much happening here. I've roped dh into helping me trim a hedge today, and on Sunday afternoon the electrician is coming over to discuss the scope of the re-wiring project so we can plan it out. It will require turning off the electricity at various times so we'll need to work around dh's schedule--since he works from home he needs power to run the office machines, internet, etc. Other than that the weekend will be spent doing the usual house and garden chores with some computer games thrown in. The weather is fine but not great. The mornings are cloudy and grey, it generally burns off in the afternoon but isn't getting very warm yet. I guess that's okay because once the summer weather arrives it will be here for 6 months and I'll get tired of that.

Tell us what you will be doing.

P.S. I wanted to mention that if anybody is having trouble accessing the boards in Internet Explorer, you might want to try the Google Chrome browser. Supposedly its working better than IE this week, and I think its pretty similar to IE to use.

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Sat, 03-23-2013 - 3:53pm

My weekend is pretty low-key...as usual. We went to the local butcher shop to stock up on some of our favourites-I had to pick up the second half of the order today. That's the easy part-the hard part is finding room for everything in the freezer. But I did both-somehow, having a full freezer gives me a sense of being ready for whatever. If I have to dig to the bottom to get out the turkey for Easter, I may feel less satisfied-but we'll see.

And I am going to return to the sewing room with a new sense of purpose. I have a friend in Florida whose dd's are into "American Girl" dolls-so I shall make them some clothes, & when possible make the girls similar clothing. We connected on the internet-her (adopted)dd has the same syndrome as Adam. I do love to sew & I have lacked purpose in there lately.

The snow quit falling-for now-& the temperatures ease above freezing slightly in the afternoons, so the snowbanks are going down ever so slightly. In November/December-it is exciting to see it return-by now, the snow is dirty & just seems redundant. It will be awhile before I can begin to dig in my garden-first I need the snow to be gone to FIND the dirt. But-I do have a few very early flowers showing in a few spots-these very small white blooms are called Snowdrops & they will go through a thin layer of snow to find the sun.

Adam is well now-a bit crabby because his mother is forcing him out for fresh air. Mike is down the property cutting up some of the (dead)trees to a more usable firewood size. We don't need it now-but he likes being outside & somehow the vibration of the chain saw makes his shoulder feel better. We are all having daydreams about warmer weather & sunshine. Of course, those dreams don't include it being HOT, or heavy rain storms-reality is an elusive thing, isn't it?

I think I will feed my day dreams by putting on my neon pink gum boots & go to the south side of the house to see if the rest of my Spring bulbs have come up. The daffodils in the woods are still covered in snow-but the crocus should be beginning to show their pretty little heads. Then I will return to begin my sewing time.


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Sat, 03-23-2013 - 4:29pm

 Pretty busy weekend here.

 This morning I did my regular Sat morning shopping trip.   After lunch I went shopping for a wedding gift, a wedding shower gift and a baby gift.  We will have three new great newphews this year the first was born last Wed.

  DD2 is running an errand now and when she gets home we are going to help her move back to her place.  She lives in a 3rd floor walk-up so it will save her a few trips up and down the stairs.

DH  and I are going to our favorite restaurant for dinner tonight then to a hockey game.

Tomorrow we have a wedding shower.  It is the first couples shower we have ever attended.   DH is a lttle leery of going to a shower but I explained that a couple's shower will probably be more like a regular get together than a traditional shower. 

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Sat, 03-23-2013 - 5:46pm

Ok  - it's 53 now but we're expecting 9-12" of snow tomorrow.  I'm so not up for that.  This 53 is fine.  So far today I've done laundry, grocery shopped, made brownies, made lunch for the guys (ds called and asked if we could feed him - tonight he's helping set up for a few bands in town with a friend from college - gets him in free), henna'd my hair, swiffed....time to relax and batten down the hatches for tomorrow. Going to watch a DVD and have a book to knock out. DS will come by and hang out tomorrow and weather the storm here. We'll see if I can get to work Monday - my car and snow do NOT mix (I grew up with tons of snow, but we get ice here and just can't drive on it, esp with rear wheel drive)


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Sat, 03-23-2013 - 9:42pm

I'm sitting here catching up on everyone's news while enjoying a glass of wine with my feet up. Today was the big wedding shower & it is over thank goodness. I think it went well. I had a ton of food & thankfully much of it went. I seem to remember last summer saying no more big events to cook for. We ended up with 49 people today. It took over 2 1/2 hr for the bride to open her beautiful gifts. I made her an reversable apron & also threw a garter & veil with headband which as a good sport, the bride wore all day. Tomorrow I plan to sleep & freeze leftovers. I'm hoping I have enough strenght to make one crib sheet to take DD on Mon as she has the crib up & is looking for something different to put on. I haven't checked the weather tonight but it was calling for non-freezing weather so hopefully more of that awful white/gray stuff called snow will disappear. I think I'm crazy as I just agreed to host the rehearsal dinner at my DD's for my DS. I checked out restaurants & frankly, it's so hard to talk to people when you have a table of 25. This way I can relax & chat with everyone informally. Will try to find ways to use catering assistance but SIL has agreed to do bbq

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Sat, 03-23-2013 - 10:37pm

Saturday is done already, went to do some grocery shopping this morning.  Normally I don't shop on Saturdays to avoid the crowds and traffic in our shopping area where all the stores are congregated.  But I wasn't in shape to shop in the past few days and today I asked Ray to come assist me with shopping.  The reason is that I have come down with a case of Baker's Cyst which hasn't pained me too much, but which has made my calf swell up quite a bit.  Actually it didn't cause me too much difficulty to walk and shop in the end.  Perhaps Ray didn't have to come with me after all, but it's always nice to have some help lifting the groceries into the car, and into the house!  He also filled the car with gas and bought two big boxes of kitty litter (which I doubt I could have lifted very well). 

Otherwise I was home for the rest of the day and made some chicken broth with a stash of chicken carcasses I saved over the last while and kept frozen until today, where they all went into a big pot for the making of broth.  Some of it got put to making a sauce for chicken pot pie for supper. 

Tomorrow we expect at least our two sons to come to dinner, as they usually do.  Dd probably is working - she may have Tuesday off.  Ray wondered if it would be 'warm' enough to use our barbecue tomorrow.  It may be just a bit below freezing...so maybe we will barbecue?  But I don't have a whole lot of plans for this weekend.  This is about it.