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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 9:42am

was a busy day-a costly (but in  a good way)day.

Of course, the end of the month/beginning of a new month-time to get groceries. Easy because 'our' RN was off from her full-time school job (it was a school holiday here). But we also went to look at mattresses-time for a new one. Well, our 'looking' went well-they deliver the new one on Thursday. Living in the boonies-delivery only happens once a week or so.

But the BIG news is that I am getting a new bike. Apologies to all who are fit & into biking (Elspeth?)-but having a bike with gears & hand brakes is very confusing to my simple, old brain. I can never figure out what gear I am to be in-& if I need to stop, I pedal backwards first-then thing "Oh <expletive>" & try to squeeze both hands at once or put my feet down. Usually the latter, I admit. But Coaster bikes are returning-for the simple minded like me? As I was looking & admiring them-a nice older salesman said to me-"You know if you get it, you won't be easily going up hills?" He's kidding, right? My currrent method of going up-hills is the old fashioned one-feet down & walking, pushing the bike with me. (remember-the gears confuse me)Mike is picking up my new bike today-with all those groceries in the back of the van, no way we could manage a bike too. Besides-they assembled it & will make sure everything is securely tightened in 'the shop'.

So what to do with the old bike? We could list it on Kijii-but first I offered it to the lady across the road-mother to the 2 girls I "borrow" regularily to craft with-we made chocolates for Easter. Kim was grateful but had one stipulation-we shall bike together a few evenings a week. I agreed-but got off the phone & thought "Am I insane? She's 20 years younger than me!" Oh well-once this latest cold snap ends-I guess we will give it a try!

And to continue 'nester's theme-the rest of the week isn't too bad. Community Living today-I drive Adam in & then go to the other building to do my volunteer thing (today-knitting & personalizing knitting bags with paints, etc). Thursday the new mattress comes & the old one will be taken out-so I'll strip the bed before I go for my Mammogram. Ever try to explain what that is to someone with Adam's intellect?-Mike went into great detail, Adam went pale & looks at me with amazement now! And Friday, he will be at community living-& we have a meeting there to plan his next year & to renew their "Emergency Plans" if something untoward happens when Adam is there. And BTW-my mammogram is booked for 10:31. Not 10:30 or 10:35-but 10:31. I'd say it was a typo-but I remember working with the dr who now runs the place-& I believe it is 10:31.


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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 12:02pm

Congratulations on your new purchases Nora! I hope you have fun on the new bike (and I'm sure it will be more fun to ride with a companion)... and then the new mattress will be welcome to rest your weary and sore muscles! And btw, even here in the "big city" we have to wait for delivery lol.

An appt at 10:31? Funny.