In your Downtime...

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In your Downtime...
Sat, 02-23-2013 - 8:00pm

When you aren't working-at your job, at home-what do you do to relax? I know some of the things-Elspeth rides her bike or gardens, Sue is also into active things (volleyball?)-what else? From the comments made-I gather I am one of the few who does not watch Downton Abbey. But then I just don't bother with television-the local news after dinner-that is it-tv off.

Adam would have his face in the tv non-stop if we'd let him, which is why I am so adamant that it go off. I do let him watch the NHL game on CBC on Saturdays but that's it.

I like to knit-I like to sew-& I like to read. Nothing terribly active or calorie burning, I fear. I'm getting antsy to begin gardening again-but since there is a good 6 to 10 inches of snow on top of everything-it will be awhile. I've been promised grow lights in the basement, so I can begin some seeds as soon as those show up. Then they will go into my little greenhouse-& THEN, usually by May 24 weekend-into the ground. So awhile yet-but I'm waiting (not terribly)patiently.



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Sat, 02-23-2013 - 9:44pm
I bake, cook, read (listen to books in the car, read books at home, read pdfs of books on my laptop when not at home), get DVDs from the library, do resistance exercise daily (15 minutes, not a ton), try to walk at lunch at work. Not that big on tv but have a few shows I try to catch each week (Downton is only about 6-7 weeks/year) Once Formula One is on, I do watch that with dh. I used to like having a small veggie garden when in Chicago (started as a punishment - long story) but honestly it gets so hot and sticky here I don't care for it any more. We have a pool but I don't spend that much time in it (usually just cleaning, and by then I want to go in!). I love taking walks, either in the neighborhood or at parks or on trails. Volleyball is just once/week; wish it was more as I enjoy it a lot and I feel better after that kind of exercise. Nothing super energetic but lots of little things. Sue
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Sun, 02-24-2013 - 12:51am

"Relax"??  Weekends are spent food shopping, laundry & errands.  I spent my "relaxing" time at the computer reading the day's news events during the week & emails.  I also read & watch TV.  That said, I do see bike riders on Boston Post Road Sunday mornings during the summer.  I don't have a bike & outdoor activities depend on the weather.  My husband & I really don't do much outside.  It it's a nice sunny day, we'll go out, but most weekends it's cloudy, rainy, cold, windy, etc.  Typical NYC weather.  Since we don't have a house, no gardening either.


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Sun, 02-24-2013 - 7:29am

  Take walks, ride my bike.  read, play on computer, watch TV.  Sometimes do jigsaw puzzles. 

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Mon, 02-25-2013 - 9:23pm
I feel very guilty in my downtime. I waited all these years saying I would be so happy when I retired & had so much free time to do all the things I love. Unfortunately, I'm bored a lot. I play too many facebook games, listen to too many audiobooks & am not doing enough to keep my mind active. I enjoy my zumba classes & wish I could do more than 1 a week but not right now. The curling is ok but it's really more of a social thing for me. I am sewing & knitting more than before & I am enjoying searching for recipes to try & cooking them. I think I need the snow to disappear & maybe I will wake with the other animals who have spent their winter sleeping. I find that I used to be able to do so much but have gotten rather lazy these last few mths. Need to set some new goals for myself. Dee