Brought my dress for next May's wedding today!

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Brought my dress for next May's wedding today!
Wed, 09-19-2012 - 9:11pm

I went out with a friend for lunch & she suggested we go to this little bridal shop before we ate to see what I might be interested in wearing for DS's wedding in May. My plan was to wait until the end of Nov before buying as I'm losing weight through my new, improved post retirement lifestyle. lol I'm down almost 20 lbs since the end of May & still have a lot to go.

I tried on several dresses in styles that my DD & future DIL had sent for me to consider. Didn't like any of them. DD would prefer me in something A line but clinging. Future DIL's were a bit sexier than I wanted to be as MOG. Then I tried on one that I figured they won't like but I really liked & of course fell in love with it. I was prepared to wait but turned out it was a couture dress & this dress was the only one left. So messages off to my future DIL & DD for their opinion. DD hated it. Well, isn't that fun. But future DIL agreed to come look at it with DS. Then my Goddaughter decided to join the party with her 2 mth old. Everyone loved it when I tried it on. I know my DD didn't like it but to be fair, she was looking at a picture taken on my phone. It's ballgown & she doesn't like this style as she feels it makes my hips look larger. Anyhow, the bride rules & she loved the dress, it's style & colour so I brought it. It's wearable but it would be more enjoyable wearing with those extra lbs gone.

We all went out for a lovely lunch in this little town which is filled with specialty shops. After lunch, future DIL found a jewelry set she loved for the wedding & so I brought it was a gift for her "something new". I had also picked up her garter which I gave to her. It's done in lace & our tartan. Then the kids went back to the "Scottish" store to look at things & decided they  want pocket squares for DS & all his men & a bow tie and vest for Noah. They are to be in the family tartan.  I have that to make now. I had just picked up fabric the other week on the off chance that if I had it then they might use it. So it was a nice surprise for them today when they were telling me what they wanted me to make & I pulled out the fabric.

So exciting to see wedding plans coming along! Dee




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Wow-you are officially "Ahead of the Game". Yes, I agree that the bride's opinion is most important. And your DD will probably like it when you are wearing it!


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Wed, 09-19-2012 - 10:57pm
I'd say even the bride's opinion isn't necessary, since it's YOUR dress. As long as you're not trying to "show her up", or wear something not suitable for your age, whatever you like, you should go for! But it is a plus that she likes it. With a nice gown like that, it should be easy to alter it if you continue to lose weight at the pace you are going. And good for you! Losing weight has never been easy for me, but now with all my arthritis and artificial parts--faggedaboudit!
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Sounds great! (my mom never asked my opinion about what she planned to wear!)