DD2 and genetic test

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DD2 and genetic test
Fri, 05-03-2013 - 8:27pm

DD2 turned up positive for the genetic mutation for cancer.

The game plan is basically every three months she will be having something done.  Mammogram, breast exam. MRI, breast exam, back to mammogram and then repeat. 

At 35 or when she is done having kids the recommendation will be to get her ovaries and breasts removed.

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Thu, 05-09-2013 - 9:35pm
So very sorry that your family is having to deal with all of this. Is there a reason why dd3 hasn't been tested yet? Is she afraid that she will also have to deal with this too? Dee
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Sat, 05-04-2013 - 2:30pm

That is rough news to deal with - & at such a young age!  Hoping she is holding up, because I can imagine when she is in her 30's, 40's, etc., she will have to endure a different body than what she has now.


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Sat, 05-04-2013 - 7:06am

She is 28.

Yes, the same exam that she will be doing monthly but by the doctor.

Unfortunatly the type of cancer that Stephanie has does not show up well on mammograms. It is not actually one tumor but a group of smaller tumors.  They start out as tiny tip of a pin size and evenually merge into one and that is when they are big enough to be picked up by mammogram.

DD3 has not had the test yet. 

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Fri, 05-03-2013 - 10:48pm

I'm sorry to hear that. I guess its not a surprise though. How old is she?

By breast exam, do you mean a manual exam like we're supposed to do every month at home, or something more? I recently had my annual well-woman exam and the doc was saying that by the time the woman can feel a (malignant) lump its already pretty advanced, except in Inflammatory Breast Disease. That's why mammograms are so important. Is that what Stephanie's doctors say also?

Has dd3 been tested yet?