Happy Dance for DD2

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Happy Dance for DD2
Sat, 06-01-2013 - 2:35pm

 She has a new job. 

  Actually at this point she may have two positions offered to her.

  She got a call yesterday and was offered a 1st grade position.   She was waiting on a reply for a 3rd grade position.  She would prefer teaching 1st grade but would prefer to work in the district with the 3rd grade opening.   She told the principal who made the offer that she was expecting to hear something on the other postion Mon-Wed of next week, the principal told her she would wait for a reply. 

 Today she got a call from about the 3rd grade position.  The princpal said that she was very inpressed with her.  But she did not feel that she was right for the 3rd grade position because all of her experience is in 1st grade.  She had checked the district web site and found that there was a 1st grade opening at another school. She had been in contact with that principal and told her about her and how  impressed she was with her and that principal is going to contact her on Mon to set up an interview.

  So on Monday she is going to call the principal who gave her the offer and find out exactly how long she can hold off before giving an answer.  If she has the time than she will go through the interview process for the other job if not than she will take the job offered her. 

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Sun, 06-02-2013 - 7:19am

Wow - sounds like she can't lose - great for her!

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Tue, 06-04-2013 - 12:35pm

Kudos to your dd! That must make her feel great to know that all of those principals are impressed by her work. I hope that it gets settled soon.

Does she have the entire summer off or does she teach summer school? Here, they used to have summer school immediately after the regular year ended in June. Now they have it start it mid July and go until shortly before classes resume around Labor Day.