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how do i get my daughter involved in modleing and pagents?
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What big city are you closest to? You can find legitimate agents to submit photos to through the SAG website: You can do a search by city. How old is you DD? I have friends who have had really bad experiences with pageants and have lost A LOT of money, so I can't help you there because I have stayed far far away from the pageant scene....I'm sure there are moms that have had wonderful experiences though that would be able to help. The best thing to do for modeling is to send home snapshots (2-3) to prospective agents. Include all of your info: DD dob, address, phone, height, weight, eye & hair color...and a SASE. You will either receive your pictures back if they're not interested or receive a phone call within about 3 or so weeks if they are...

Hope this helps a little :)
Good Luck

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