How is everyone ??

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How is everyone ??
Wed, 06-13-2007 - 4:35pm

havent been around much..

still pretty slow for Payton

Last time he worked was for Old NAvy Fathers day stuff

so anything new ??

xoxo Chelsea

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Sat, 06-16-2007 - 12:32am
Hi there. It's been incredibly slow for both my kids. No calls for anything in quite some time. I'm wondering if it's because it's slow in SF or because of their ages, look, sizes etc. I'm hoping that with summer we'll get some calls since they're out of school, but June is half over and nothing. On a more positive note, they are enjoying their summer vacation so far. :)
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Tue, 06-19-2007 - 1:28am
Super slow here too! We are ok though, survived strep and the stomach flu recently and just busy busy with All Stars baseball games---6 just this week!!!!! The boys are in year round school also, so they are not out for summer yet :( How have you been----thanks for adding me at babycouture---I can't believe how big Payton is getting!!! He is just gorgeous!!!! Love the pics of him in the cream sweater :) Hope to chat with you soon :)
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Thu, 06-21-2007 - 9:40pm
We're pretty new but it has been very slow, only one audition for us so far :-( Hoping we get some auditions soon.