Macy's North

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Macy's North
Thu, 05-17-2007 - 4:51pm

Caitlin will be in the Memorial Day sale catalog for Macy's North. It includes the former Marshall Field's stores (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, N/S Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) Is anyone from those areas? I have no way of getting a copy, and would love to have someone send it to me. I would be happy to send a SASE so you don't have to pay shipping. I got the Northeast one in the mail today, so it should be in a mailing soon, or in the paper on Sunday.

Thanks in advance,

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Tue, 05-22-2007 - 7:56pm

Elizabeth, that is so exciting!!! I am not in any of those areas, but let me know if I can help in South. CA...

Good luck with the search :)

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