Fall Semester

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Fall Semester
Thu, 09-26-2013 - 10:54am

So, how has everyone's semester been going? 

I just had my first exams in my two classes last Thursday, and got the grade back for one of them, human osteology. I am SOOOOO happy and stoked about my grade! It was one of the most difficult exams I have ever taken, as it included a "practical", which I've never had before. It was out of 120 points, and I scored 113.1! The class average was 98/120. I also just spoke to my professor after my morning class (I have to the same professor for each class) and I scored higher than the handful of Grad students that are in the class! They did grade the Grad students harder than the undergrads, but I still scored higher than they did!!!!

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Tue, 11-12-2013 - 5:52am

That's awesome, Congrats to you! Sorry for popping in late, I took a break this Fall and plan to resume classes next semester.. I have to finish, It's in my blood! Lol. Good luck to you!