How is school going or/and Are you anticipating Fall term?

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How is school going or/and Are you anticipating Fall term?
Tue, 07-30-2013 - 6:01pm

I have officially enrolled at the online school which will replace the traditional college I've attended these last two or three years.  It's a little bittersweet but I know the end is in sight, I was listed as a senior at the school I plan to exit from and advised the online college that my intentions are to finish the program within the next year.  They are very generous when it comes to recognizing and accepting credits from other colleges and I'm grateful for that..  I just hope I can still keep my eye on the goal with all that's gone on this last year, It's been an up and down one for me........  Good luck with you all and please update how things are going if you get a chance. 




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Congrats on the successful switch in schools. I've found with online classes that if I set specific times to do things (read, assignments, tests, etc.) then I am more likely to get them done in a timely manner instead of having to rush at the very end of a deadline. And with littles running around that is very important, because you never know what they are going to do to wind up pushing you past that dealine!

My Fall classes start back on Aug. 19 (technically the 20th for me since I only have Tuesday and Thursday classes), and I am both looking forward to them and anxious about them. I'm taking two classes (one has a lab on Thursdays), but one is supposed to be a pre-req to the other, so I'm hoping that doesn't mess me up (or my GPA, as my GPA in my major is currently 4.0). I really love school and do well at it, so I'm hoping I can pull out two A's this time around, too.

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I'm anticipating the fall term.  It starts on 9 September for me; I have one class and one online course.  Brain and Behaviour, and Psychopathology.  Very much looking forward to both!

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I received my textbooks for my fall classes.  I'm only taking 10 credit hours this semester.  I don't think I can handle more than that since I'm working full-time too.  The semester starts on the 23rd, and all of my classes are online this semester.  My big plan this semester is not to get behind!  It's too much of a pain to play the catch up game, and I really don't want to put myself under unnecessary and avoidable stress.

Good luck this semester, Jeanne!