I just wanna whine... not school related

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I just wanna whine... not school related
Sun, 05-16-2010 - 11:55pm
My dd15 had the idea that she wanted to throw me a birthday party this year. I reluctanly agreed. She said she'd plan everything. I knew how that would go, but was ok with it. I told her to get me an invitation that I could print, and I'd invite a ton of people from school. I handed out between 40-50 invitations to people at school. I also allowed my kids to invite whoever they wanted. This is a family party, so you come, bring your other half and your kids, that kind of thing. We orgininally said bring something to bbq, then found steaks on sale for $2/lb and bought a bunch, so I let people know to just bring something, anything, to go on the side. A couple of people that I consider "good" friends at school told me right away that they couldn't come, or as soon as they knew for sure, and had legitimate reasons. Several people said they would "try to stop by" and others never said a word. Some gave me really crappy excuses, whatever, I'd rather they just said they couldn't come! 1 person said she talked to her bf and they were for sure for sure for sure coming, I even confirmed with her yesterday when I saw her. I told her she was the ONLY person that confirmed, but we'd have a blast anyway. Party was at 1230. I ran to the store to get ice and a few things that I forgot to pick up. When I got home a few minutes before 1, there were people here. 2 of my dd's friends were here with their moms. OMG, I invited over 50 people, and 2 of my dd's friends came! I'm so hurt, so pissed, so I dunno, what I am. Not one single person from school came, not 1, not even the 1 who confirmed yesterday. I am never, ever having another party. It's so unbelievable. So, these 2 moms, my mom and my honey sat on the deck eating, drinking wine, talking. THAT was my party! I put SO much time and energy into this party. Back to school tomorrow. I bet the "so sorry I couldn't make it" will start. I don't want to talk to a soul! Can you even believe that? These are people that don't hesitate to ask me for favors at school, to take notes, help with a project, whatever.... ug
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Mon, 05-17-2010 - 2:10pm

Oh I'm so sorry, I'd be so pissed too. I don't understand why people can be more reliable and I'm really sorry they hurt your feelings.

On a happier note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Assuming that was the reason for the party? Hope you enjoyed your yummy steaks w/those that did show to party with you.


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Mon, 05-17-2010 - 3:59pm

Aww, I can totally understand!

I've had some similar birthday issues with friends the last few years. I always try to get my group of friends together for a night out, but they always seem to flake on me, despite always managing to do something for everyone else in the groups birthdays. Its not fun. Then I gave up trying to plan anything and now I almost just ignore it. This year my "best" friend only sent me a happy birthday text, and it was 2 days late.


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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 11:15am

I'm so sorry...that's awful. It really hurts to be treated like that when you give so much to other people. Though I will say, it was nice of your daughter to want to throw a party for you.

For my birthday, I usually just go out to dinner because to be honest, I know very few (if any) people would want to come to my party. For my 30th birthday, my own sister didn't want to go out to dinner with me!